Don’t Waste Your Motherfvcking Time! (Find Your Sticking Points!)

I got me a massage today. Big ol’ Japanese guy grinding his elbow into my back.

I’ve got this HUGE muscle knot just in my right shoulder.

When he gets in there, it’s like HEAVEN.

But then this guy goes off and starts working on my legs – when I told him my shoulder is where the issue is (and we only had 30 mins to go!)

WTF! He’s wasting my freakin’ time!!

I mean, I suppose the body IS connected. Relaxing my feet, legs, hips or whatever else would in turn bring some relief to my shoulder too. But maybe 5, 10% of the effect of working on my shoulder directly.

Why waste my time and money having him work on my legs when I KNOW the problem is in my shoulder?

It got me thinking that most guys waste tons of time working on the wrong aspect of their skillset.

Some guys get stuck in the approach phase and just keep approaching 100’s of girls per week, when they’re not connecting with ANY of these women. Will you get better at connection just approaching 100’s of women and having 15 second interactions? Maybe a bit…. but wouldn’t it be a better use of your time FIXING that one issue so you could have a real conversation, and THEN go out and approach women?

I’ve met guys who can talk with women fine – but they’re too scared to talk to ANY women. So they just don’t. And they go around thinking “I should work on my body language” or “Hey, I’m gonna work on my text game”


You need to break your AA – anything else is a WASTE OF TIME.

So stop dicking around. You know what you need to work on – get to it.

If you’re stuck in a rut and you’re tired of wasting YOUR time – we’re offering phone consults for the next 2 weeks at $27. The normal hourly rate for the coaches is around $200 so….. it’s pretty ridiculous.

Are you ready to SOLVE your problem, or do you want to keep dicking around?

If you’re serious about getting past your sticking points, get yourself booked in right now.

The link is right here.



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  • Dandara says:

    Legal essa notícia vou comentar todos os dias

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    Awesome content, thanks a lot !!

  • Joffrey - sjekketriks says:

    Hey man,

    this post is a real kick in the ass! We rationalize and may tell ourselves that this or that is our stickingpoint, but deep down we tend to ignore what is really important. The more afraid you are to do something, the more important it is to get done.

    To quote Steven Pressfield:
    “Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.”

    Thanks for the post Sasha!

  • jonathan faridian says:

    I want phone coaching and help with my sticking points

  • Nikolas Michael says:

    Very good topic, man!!
    The womans in hole world are the same, and if you dont have SELF-LOVE… You kind have AA, because you stay so ansiety… And That kind a problem… After I saw your vídeo and motivation… Helps a lot… Like now… I back from a Party with a hot chick… Well thanks from Brazil man… Take care

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