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Don’t Settle! -By Sasha

If you approach a woman who you’re not really attracted to, or during a conversation you realize you’re just not really interested in her, simply END THE CONVERSATION. It’s really that simple. You look’em in the eye, and you say “Hey, this was fun. It was nice to meet you” and you WALK AWAY.

Simple, isn’t it?

The problem with NOT walking away, is once in a while you’ll stick in there for whatever reason because you think you might get laid. The problem with that is, that occasionally, you WILL get laid. With some woman you’re not actually interested in. this leads to all sorts of problems because in many cases, guys will continue seeing this girl, merely because they are getting laid.

It’s bad for your ego. You’re dating a girl you don’t even like. You know this. You’ve settled. Even if she’s not that bad looking – it’s the same thing. You don’t like her. You’re with her because you couldn’t get laid. That’s why you’re there. This is always in the back of your mind, and you can’t escape it.

Do you think this isn’t going to affect you? You think everything is fine? It’s not fine. This will affect you on every level of your masculinity. Everything you do. Everyone you meet. Every time you express yourself. Your core being will scream “I WILL SETTLE FOR LESS!”

Ok, so you’re seeing this girl for a while. Turns out, you get along ok. It’s not great, but hey, it’s better than being alone, right?

Then, the comfort zone kicks in. Hey, why go out and meet new girls?

You’re already getting laid. You’re comfortable. Why hit the gym and work on losing those extra pounds? Fuck it. You’re comfortable.

Hey, why bother doing a kick ass job at work, and getting that promotion?

Who cares? You’re comfortable. Things are good enough as they are.

That’s who you are. You’re a guy that settles. What’s going to be next then, hmm? You already know, because at least half of you guys reading this settle. Everyone settles. (I settle – but not with women ;)

See, I’d actually rather be alone for a while, than settle and get some action with a girl I’m not really into. It makes me feel like shit. It kills my motivation to meet other girls. I’m lowering my own value.

Why would you want to do that to yourself? If you wouldn’t let someone else lower your value, dominate you, or treat you like shit (and if you’re reading this I assume you wouldn’t) why would you do it to yourself?

Look, I’m not saying you’re a failure if you go ahead and sleep with some ugly girl in a moment of weakness. We all get horny. We all slip.

But if it happens – MOVE ON. Keep on searching for the women that will make you feel something. The women that will make you feel alive.

The women that will make you laugh, cry, live. That’s what this is about.

Not marrying some 30 year old chubby girl who gives you blowjobs twice a week, because you’re too fat to fuck her properly.

Never settle in this area of your life. This area is the yardstick by which your lives will be measured. If you succeed in this, it will drive you to succeed in all things.

Settle in this area of your life and it very well may be your un-doing.




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