If You Don’t Like Yourself, She Never Will….

Have you ever approached a woman – thinking you did a pretty good job of making a 1st impression, only to get blown out?

Have you then, continued on the same path, approaching more and more women… only to have the same result, over and over again?


At some point, you probably thought “Hey, I’m bound to run into a friendly girl EVENTUALLY – right? Mathematically speaking….if I just keep going,  it’s bound to happen!”




Unless you deal with the underlying cause, you’re about as likely to win the national lottery as you are to find a women who would let your slimy, needy penis into her vagina.


I’ve been there. And yes –  it totally sucked.


The good news? I’m going to break down the reason this happens to… about 90% of guys out there.


The ISSUE with that type of thinking process is that you’re blaming WOMEN for your “luck.”


That makes about as much sense as going to the casino and gambling, losing all your money week after week, and then blaming the casino! Thankfully this is not the case when it comes to online casino games. Don’t trust? see this review of Slots LV free spins for yourself and try placing a bet in it with zero deposit.


The casino is only there for one reason – to take your money.


Women are only there for one reason – to act as a mirror for how you actually feel about yourself. (and take your money) ;)


That’s it.


So if you’re getting blown out over and over again – it’s not the women.


It’s not the luck…




Women just follow YOUR LEAD


If you feel great about yourself, and truly love yourself – women will agree with you and think you’re great too.


If you feel unworthy of their attention, they’ll agree with that diagnosis as well!


You lead – they follow.


Ever see one of these cocky assholes just stroll up to a woman all full of himself? And then the woman GOES FOR IT??


“WTF is going on!?!?” you exclaimed.


Yeah – he believes it. Maybe there’s no reason for him to believe it. Maybe he’s deluded. Maybe he’s a complete douche.



And she just follows suit.


That’s why it’s so f’ing ridiculous to keep going after women only to receive the same feedback over and over again.


As frustrating as it is – you have to admit it. Women are consistent (at least in this regard!) :P


So what’s the lesson here?


Is it as as simple as: “Love yourself, a-hole!” ???


Look, there could be another reason women are not digging you.


You could just have no game.


Or be a horrible conversationalist…


Or you could have a weird vibe…


But ODDS ARE it’s because you don’t feel GOOD about yourself… So how can she?


Most other issues actually stem from this one thing – lack of self love.


So STOP approaching women, and work on figuring out what makes YOU great.


I promise you 2 things:


  1. After you’re done THAT journey, the women will still be there.
  2. When you feel good about yourself, it will be several magnitudes easier meeting women.


I hear what you’re thinking now:


“Ok Sasha. It’s easy and all saying I need to love myself more for women to love and accept me. BUT HOW DO I DO THAT?


I’m glad you asked… as that’s a HUGE question and I’m working on a separate, big ass article on that *exact* question.


For now, accept that every reaction you’ve ever gotten has been a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  No more, no less.


Once you accept that fundamental truth – you open yourself up to begin the longest and most important journey of your life.


The journey of self-love.


Here’s a short clip from my pal Johnny Soporno to hammer the point home:


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