Do your friends suck? Read This!

Friends. They’re great, aren’t they? You can go to the movies, talk about girls, go EAT FOOD….. or just chill.


That’s what it’s all about right – having a good time!


Or….. is there something more?


Throughout my I’ve realized that for MOST people their friends are just people they waste time with.


But the truly wise men know – your friends are a lot more than that.


I don’t see my friends as people I have fun with – I see them as a reflection of who I am – and what I’m becoming.


I see them as my greatest teachers.


They inspire me.


They motivate me.


They make me see what the possibilities are.


They are like a magic mirror – They let me see who I am.


The let me look into the future – to see what I am becoming.


Nothing less.


That’s why I always laugh when guys tell me that none of their friends are interested in getting better with women.


I laugh – and I always say the same thing.


“Did you just call a bunch of losers your FRIENDS??”


It’s funny!! Who would ever call a group of people who are going ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE – a group who will be relegated to finding their future partners while OFF THEIR FACE in some dingy bar – their FRIENDS???


Who would CONDEM themselves to such a reality??


We’ve all heard “friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”


Well how about this statement: “Friends don’t let friends waste their precious, god given lives away!”


I mean what’s worse – the risk of crashing a car ONCE in your life – or wasting a human incarnation?


Scientists have said that the odds of any one person being born is 400 BILLION to one.


And you’re hanging around people who just SIT AROUND and do nothing??




I’ll take the friend who’ll not only not let me drive drunk, but who never allow me to drink because it is a toxin that destroys the body.


A friend who will never accept my mediocrity or laziness.


The friend that will make fun of me for wasting time on TV, eating unhealthily, or taking the easy way out.


The friend who will encourage me to read powerful, inspirational books with the power to change who I am.


The friend Who will challenge my limiting beliefs and call me a bitch when I second guess myself.


The friend who will call me a fool for wasting a single day living a life that makes me unhappy.


I’ll take the friend who takes my personal development – my enlightenment – as his own.


Those are the only friends that matter.


Those are the only friends you truly have.


I’ve stopped investing in all the rest – because they are an illusion.


Remember: Anyone who is not actively co-creating a better reality for themselves (and for you) was never your friend. They were just keeping you around to remind themselves that mediocrity was ok.


Isn’t it time to let them go?


Let’s wrap it up with a quote. It’s a good one.





“A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.” ~Arnold Glasow



-Sasha Daygame




Almost forgot – I just put up this video about friendship with one of my best buddies, John Keegan.


Remember: The realization that you’ve got “dead weight” in your relationships is a heavy one. But fear not. By moving one and bettering yourself you will actually show your “old friends” the way forward – at the same time as making room for new ones ;)


Your friend from afar…..


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