Sasha Daygame in dds vegas is over

Direct Dating Summit Vegas is over :(

Well, holy fuck. That was awesome.  Jesus, it went on forever.

All the speakers were great… there just wasn’t a weak link to speak of.

Gareth jones is a fantastic speaker and his text game shit (as always) was enlightening as fuck.

Bravo was just as fantastic…. everyone was on the edge of their seats for their talks.

Manwhore too talking about his crazy ass escalation stories and the dynamics of being a DUDE….. and tols his recent story about banging a pastor’s daughter in a car then running from the police. Classic.

Badboy did great as usual!

Johnny Soporno – they loved him. People were glued to their seats…. and he went overtime of course…. The event ended at like 10:30pm on Day one…. but it was great.

Alan Roger Currie did a great presentation, which involved a moderate amount of yelling. That motherfucker is passionate about his shit!

His new catchphrase “Say it again” it great…. I actually used it on him which was hilarious. I didn’t realize Alan was good at phone sex … but he has some crazy ass stories about going mode one over the phone. Like really unbelievable shit.  He’ll get someone’s secretary – and then will get them dirty talking and then masturbating over the phone. Just ridiculous. After his presentation I really feel like I could get random girls to play with their pussy. He also illustrated that getting girls to masturbate on the phone gets them horny and increases the chances of them coming to meet you. Very similar to GAreth Jones trying to get women to send him nekked pics. They’re investing! Starting to think I should just go for one of those, if not both before trying for a real live physical date.

Day 2 ended after midnight – it was fucking insane.

We had special guest James Amoreaux who did a very entertaining talk about kinky stuff (yes, he taught me how to die girls up – HOT!) … and also Steve Pavlina dropped by a did a presentation about goal acceleration. Also, he got everyone moving with a fantastic game that illustrated the  importance of having supporters around you – and not people that are negative influences. That guy rocks! He doesn’t need me promoting him but his blog is at

Big shout out to all the amazing speakers, everyone who helped out, and all the support from the folks that came out. I love you guys!


Maybe I’m nuts, but we’re doing another DDS in Melbourne, Australia in a few weeks. I’m probably nuts, but I think it’s going to be a blast!

The guys that came out were – as per usual, a bunch of sweethearts… It’s interesting, I’ve been to other events in the industry and there’s often a bunch of serious fucking weirdo’s. But, the Direct Dating Summit just doesn’t seem to attract those. I guess that’s a good thing. See? Being direct IS normal. Yay!

If you missed it… you really missed it. Juuuust maybe I’ll stick up a clip from the event … maybe. We’ll do another one in the USA at some point, maybe I’ll pick a date soon….

Now that’s over, I think I’ll have some time to start blogging again! Yay!


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