Sasha Daygame in dds melbourne review

Direct Dating Summit Melbourne Review

I know. The concept of the creator of an event reviewing is about as legit as Bush winning the presidency in 2000. But really – it was kick ass ;)

Liam Mcrae gave very practical advice on how to get into a woman’s space and lead the seduction. One interesting point he made was to get – literally – right up next to a woman so your body is right next to hers, which is sweet. Then, you’re body to body as you talk to her – also this makes it easier to start touching her in various places. In other words: CLOSE THE GAP + Get physical!

James Marshall’s talk was different that one might expect – he gave 4 principles for success in life. I thought this was his best talk so far. Too many people all talk about seduction, tactics and the like – but this really set people up for success in life. Success by avoiding life’s top blunders! I don’t want to give it all away, but one of them was “Live within your means.”

Lots of people get tied down by debt, then can’t actually take up opportunities to travel, explore, and have true personal growth. James also told a hilarious story about wingmanship and brotherhood that went down in the Vegas mansion during the Vegas Direct Dating Summit. I’ll hopefully get this online, everyone should hear it!

James Social Coach is a really interesting fellow. He’d not gotten laid till 27, and sucked with women till 31. Then he went travelling around the world hitting on women and he started getting good – eventually dating top models and various super smart/successful women.  James is a living illustration of how a complete failure with women can undergo a massive transformation. He may be the best example of this I’ve seen in the community yet!

Shae Matthews did a talk that was wayyyyyyy deep.  I could try and explain how he urged all men to become “Romantic Adventurers” …. but I won’t. This dude did easily one of the deepest talk on inner game I’ve ever listened to. Next level shit. He really emphasized one’s development as a man, and as a warrior as key to success in life (and with women.)  This is a message that just isn’t hammered into us enough. We are warriors at heart – and we need to live like warriors – not little bitches.

Gareth Jones shared some of his text secrets – always a great presentation from him. I’d say this was the best one I’d seen him do. Very slick and entertaining too! One of the things Gareth emphasized the use of romantic imagery when texting women. Saying stuff like “I’d really love to take you” or “Would you like it if we….” where you get their imagination running is extremely powerful. You can suggest all sorts of naughty adventures …. turn the girl on… and then go have the adventures for real! ;)

My old friend Marcus flew over as well – and shared some secrets about how to create a world with women.  This is his secret stuff – by creating a world full of distinctive language and commonalities – you create a powerful bond by living outside of everyone’s reality – essentially you create your own one. I suppose the PUA way of describing this would be “Deep confort” … Crazy shit!

As per myself: For the first time ever, I actually has a powerpoint presentation for my talk. THAT’S RIGHT. A POWERPOINT PRESENTATION!!  I always thought those were a bit gay, but they’re a useful tool. BAsically, it’s just like “Cheating” by having notes – except everyone can see your notes. Pretty pimp!! It was my longest talk at a major event… I’ve got a lot of material to get through!  I’m actually trying to organise it all for an e-book so the powerpoint presentation was very useful.  I pretty much covered the most important parts of Direct Daygame – including the mindsets necessary to be a direct man all throughout life.  I also covered flirting, connection, and a shit ton of other topics. It was a LOT! I felt good about this speech, although it involved a lot less yelling that I’m capable. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing :P

All in all – the speakers has fun, and all the attendees has a great time / learned a lot. I expect they’ll get some big changes out of it – the guys from previous events are kickin’ ass – so i really hope and expect these guys kick ass too!

For more info on the speakers, or to see clips from past events, check out – There will be some fresh clips going online soon!






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