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Direct Dating Academy – Now in Session!

For quite a few years now, my main job has been turning boys into men – if you haven’t noticed.


I’m not surprised.


I never had a father.


I never learned about how to be a man, or sex… or really much about anything!


I had to figure it out myself.


In a way, I was lucky. I had to work a lot harder – but I came a lot further than some people would have expected.


Every man has to go on his own journey in life.


Only YOU know what you need to experience, what YOU need to survive, to become the man you need to be.


Part of my journey was helping others. I’ve done a lot of that, and I feel pretty good about myself.


And now, finally – I’ve achieved something else pretty amazing!


I’ve created the world’s first Direct Dating Academy for men.


How’d that happen?


Well, years ago, I made a shocking discovery:


That you could simply tell women you LIKED them – and get them into bed!




They were very exciting times indeed.


Especially after having spent many years doing all the stuff that didn’t work. (Let’s not dwell on it – we all know what I’m talking about!)


In my excitement, I’d decided to start an event dedicated to spreading this message.


Well, as you may know – this gave birth to the Direct Dating Summit.


The world’s greatest seducers, all speaking on one stage, sharing their wisdom with the next generation of playboys.


It was EPIC!


5 years, and 5 events later… I’ve got the world’s largest (and I’d like to think best) collection of seduction seminars and footage.


It’s no joke.


And now – Finally – I’ve put it all into one place.


The Direct Dating Academy, baby!


I’ve made a fancy little video about it.


It’s pretty slick, and even teaches you some neat stuff:



– Sasha


P.S. If you’re in Europe, you’ve only got 48 hours to grab tickets to The Direct Dating Summit Sexual Mastery event in Belgrade before the price goes up! You can grab those here



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