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How to be in the moment…

Alright kids, I just got back to Los Angeles from teaching in Portland, and Denver….. I’m a little tired already and I’m just STARTING my world tour!

Finally have a chance to catch my breath!

I’ve been getting lots of comments from people DEMANDING more videos. You guys sure are pushy, for a bunch of non spenders :P

Right: So, just a quick post to let ya’ll know about my latest video: Direct Chronicles 4!!!

I’d filmed this ages ago…but at last, it’s out there!

It’s all about being in the moment – which is one of the most important factors when it comes to having sexy time with the ladies.

Nothing is less attractive than a guy who’s “not really there!”

Have you ever been talking to a woman, and you got the impression she wasn’t really paying attention? Sucks, doesn’t it? Well – how do you think THEY feel when YOU are thinking about something else?

I was actually chronically bad at this. I’d be worried about stupid stuff ALL THE TIME instead of focusing on the ONE important thing – telling the beautiful woman in front of me exactly what I’m thinking!

Hopefully this video will shed a bit of light on that!

I’m actually backlogged on content… I’ll start pumpin’ it out so get ready for information overload!!!

Right, enough riff raff, here’s Direct Chronicles 4!











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