Depressed? Relax – It’s Just Another Creation of The Matrix

Hey guy!

Ever notice that there is a HUGE unhappiness problem worldwide?
Like EVERYWHERE you look….. People are sad.
Apparently, in a 13 year period from 1999 to 2012, the percentage of Americans on antidepressants went from around 7% to 13%.
At this rate – a quarter of the whole population will be popping pills within 10 years.
100 years ago, clinical depression was extremely rare – less than 1 case in 100 people.
Bit suspicious, such a MASSIVE uptake, don’t you think? A little bit artificial, shall we say?
Newsflash: People are being programmed to be depressed, because that is just another way to get them stuck in the matrix.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a system where everyone values what strangers think of them, more than what they think of themselves.
  • Where what’s on your skin says more about you that what’s beneath it.
  • Where what’s in your bank account is more important that what’s in your heart.
  • Oh yeah….  Copies amounts of drugs and pharma help a lot too. Alchochol, Prescription meds, cigarettes….. anything that ruins your health and separates you from FEELING… or connecting with the divine…… 100% legal (and a great source of tax revenue, too!)
  • • However, any plant medicines like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mushrooms etc that have been leading humans to spiritual enlightenment, healing and divine/universal consciousness since before men even kept track of time… They’ll put you in JAIL for using that stuff (or even just growing it in your garden!)

  • And let’s not forget PORN. The biggest industry of all. Destroying Man’s sexuality AND wasting all their sexual energy jerking off into a pair of stinky socks every night! The result? Men who are unable to connect with REAL women, which leads to more separation!
Is it any wonder guys lack the motivation to wake up from the dream?
Can’t have that, can we?
Of course not.

Depression is a spiritual crisis.

Depression happens when you REALIZE something is horribly wrong.
Because running around not knowing who you are can only go on so long.
Slaving away doing some retarded job nobody cares about.
Destroying your body with chemicals every chance you get.
I mean…. Heck….. Is it any wonder?
Things are going exactly as they‘ve planned.
They will keep destroying your spirit, body and mind until the end of time. (Or at least, till YOU run out of time.)
Eventually they have you 100% in their control. So much so, most people CHOOSE to keep their mind occupied all the time. Simply because they can’t face the emptiness inside.
Sounds about right?
Yeah. Welcome to being a human caught in the matrix.

Here’s the good news:

There’s a way out!! And I have been studying, reading, meditating, praying, and connecting with other people who are READY to exit the system and discover.
Yes, really. There are hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of us, waking up right now.
I’ve just started REALLY snapping out of it in the last few months (though my journey started in 2009 – watch this video if you haven’t seen it) And that’s my entire goal with the Infinite Man Project.
If you want to know WTF is up (and the real answer to escaping this matrix) I’m actually starting a podcast ALL ABOUT my journey from being inside the matrix to my gradual escape… And my continual journey to spiritual enlightenment. The first episode will be released within the next 7 days!!!
It’s an epic journey we are all going to have to get through….. Getting your consciousness out of your BRAIN – and into your hearts.
Crazy? Not at all. Just information you ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE.
So… Are you going to continue with their program? Stay ignorant, and not worry about it?
Keep working your dull job, distracting yourself with shitty movies, poisoning yourself with GMO’s food.
OR are you going to take the next step to SNAPPING out of it?
Check out the latest episode of the Sasha Show– there are some BIG clues in there on how to escape.
I talk about my personal journey – and how for the first time in years… I am truly connecting with my heart…. and BOY – there’s a lot of love in there ;)
Check it out below…
Also, I’d LOVE your feedback on the title (and logo) of my new podcast. I talk about it in the Sasha Show.
See you over there in YouTube land…. And here’s a silent prayer, for your liberation, and mine.
Your pal

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