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Sasha Daygame

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Has Worked For Thousands of guys like you over the past 8 years

It’s simple to use and can be applied regardless of what level you’re at. The practical exercises will get you motivated to overcome approach anxiety in a fun way.

You Can Apply It Immediately without any techniques or “lines”

You don’t have to learn any routines or change your personality to pretend be someone you’re not. It’s about becoming a real man who expresses his true desires.

Real Results through authenticity and honesty

Create a deep, real connection with beautiful women in the most effective, natural way possible. Once you know how, everything else will just happen effortlessly!

What Guys Are Saying About Sasha's Training Series

I’ve been struggling with conversation after opening and was resigned to just keep winging it. This video dropped a bomb man. Genius! By staying true to yourself, you either connect authentically or screen and move on. Love it!


It’s not just about getting girls, but about becoming a man, like we were intended to be. I owe you an immeasurable gratitude. Keep up the good work. I wish I came across your stuff years ago.


To watch this feels a bit like eating an expensive gourmet cheese. In the beginning it looks like the cheese I am used to, after a few bites it starts to taste different than these other cheese. In the end it is not the cheese you can buy everywhere, but a cheese you have to work for in order to get the real taste out of it.


Holy fucking shit, I don’t know what to say Sasha. Just thank you for those videos!!! :D I was such a dumb fuck for last 2 years I knew all about this Pua shit and did nothing, but now when I saw your videos you inspired me to actually do stuff, thank you very much, next day when i wake up I’m going to do all those things you said and go crazy with people ;-). There’s nothing that is going to stop me now.


Sasha, I love you. It has been about 2 years now and you’ve chanced my life! If I think about what would’ve happened if I didn’t discover your website, I really wouldn’t know how I would be today!


Wow! That’s what I have to say. Fucking Wow! Where the fuck has this information been my whole life. This isn’t just something you do to pickup girls. This is how you FUCKING CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

You are the first person I have ever seen, whom, within minutes I could tell was completely genuine. You were saying everything I needed to hear. I went from being completely depressed to being excited about what my life could be!


Thank you so much for this Sasha. Thank god we have you. You are the real deal. You deserve so much money for this one video alone. I loved the fact you told your back story.


Honestly, I turned my whole life around, it’s crazy it really was just one simple choice to commit. Sasha was one of the biggest inspirations, and his content changed everything for me personally. I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going talking to women, until I discovered Sasha, just about 8 months ago, I changed my life entirely. I’m only 23, and already living my passion, living through what I love to do, it’s incredible. It really is incredible what you can do if you set your mind to it and just go for it! Fucking thank you, man. You Rock!

Rafael E.

This guy is amazing at getting you out of your shell. Very helpful video. Thank you, Sasha.


Sasha!! I’ve checked out all of the PUA stuff over the last year or so, and I got to say that you ARE the real deal. I’m blown away by your easy going demeanor and honesty and the fact that you treat the women with complete respect and love. You don’t have gimmicks, you don’t have NLP persuasive bullshit and all that crappy jazz. I am ready to take this bitch of a bull by the horns and you are the guy I’m going to listen to. Thank you!!!


Lovely video, will definitely try out the exercises! I’ve passed up too many opportunities before due to AA, but this time, I’m gonna go out there and kill my ego. Thanks! Looking forward for the next vid!


I really love you, man. I’ve been watching your stuff for over 6 hours now, and truly it’s like a mindfuck experience, every video is speaking directly to me and not my ego.

Anway Pramanik

I’ve worked with Sasha’s approach seriously for about 3 months and have gone from being terrified to even talk to women, to dating three different girls openly. I still meet lots of gorgeous, new girls on a daily basis and absolutely love my life. Thanks, man.

Graehme Floyd

Sasha, you’re the man. Bless your journey for having gone through all this crazy struggle and have brought authentic, focused and reassured sexuality back to the masses, and providing me with the ammunition and inspiration needed to live a full life.


These kinds of exercises are gold man.


What your stuff did with me is mindblowing. It feels awesome and it is exactly who I am. I do what I want and I enjoy life big time. Thanks for the eye-openers and wake-up call and the tools to grow.


Best. Decision. Ever!!! :D

At first, skeptical as usual, I assumed you were an excellent marketer, like a bunch of these so-called “gurus”. But after listening to your 21 convention speech nearly every day for the past few months (I can almost quote the whole thing!) and all your other free videos online, I figured this guy is different. Something about what he says speaks to me.

I can’t even BEGIN to describe how much you’ve changed my life for the better! Every day seems like a blessing. : )

M. L. H.

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