Sasha Daygame in miami

Daygame PUA in Miami!

What whaaaaaat! Yeah, daygame is pretty sick here – It’s never too cold to pick up girls on the streets of Miami!!


Ok first of all, I’M IN MIAMI BITCH! Look at the proof:


Next, Yes, the weather is SIiiiick!!

Next: Miami is HILAROUS. A bunch of stuck up Latina’s with FAke boobs. Shit, even the ugly chicks have fake boobs. WTF???


I can sum it up all in one picture:




Even the fake women, have fake boobs. Hahahah! Fucking ridiculous.

Note: Those aren’t big tits on a mannequin, those are actually BREAST IMPLANTS on a mannequin.


To be honest, nothing I say is going to top that picture, so fuck it.


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  • DonP says:

    Anyone looking for wingmen in miami, contact me at

  • heri says:

    I Like Bikini and I Like Bikini :-)

  • Toro Negro says:

    Loving your work.
    I’ve stolen so many lines off you I thought I’d offer one in return…

    Whenever a girl hesitates to anything I respond “Don’t worry, you won’t get pregnant”

    e.g. There was a girl taking a photo of herself and her friend the other night, I offer to take a picture, they say ‘no thanks’ I say ‘It’s ok you won’t get pregnant’…she laughs

    I enjoy saying it, which I suppose it the main thing.

    • sasha says:

      HAhhaa, I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before! Or something like “I promise I won’t knock you up!” … “Unless you wanna be knocked up!”

      Yeah, it’s all about having fun byatch. Just about to post about that ;)

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