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David X, Alan Roger Currie, and Badboy in London!!!


WEll, I’ve been keeping it under wraps for months. MONTHS!!! I’ve organized a gargantuan event to take place in London on November 20th and 21st. That’s right… the world’s first ever DIRECT DATING SUMMIT!!!

Here’s the story:

David X was supposed to come to Leeds in August. That fell through.  I’d interviewed him for SeductionTuition though and we got to know each other a bit. We got along well. I had the crazy idea of bringing him over myself… and spoke to Andy over at about doing an event together.  That eventually developed into this event…. and HERE IT IS!!!

Dave was up for it and I thought “What if we could get Alan Roger Currie Currie” to come along? Yep. He’s down.

Who else is amazing at direct? Why – the infamous Badboy of course.

So -there it is.  OFF THE FucKING CHAIN!!!

3 of the best Direct Dating guru’s teaching you all their stuff, over 2 DAYS in Central London…. AArrrghhh!!! Just listening to ONE of these guys talk for an hour is enough to change your life… but hours on end for all 3. I can barely fathom it!!

I had an amazing chat with Alan and Dave over skype…. it was truly amazing. I spoke to them and they said it was cool to slap it online for the world. You can find that here:

It’s not cheap putting this on, but I’ve decided to keep the tickets as affordable as possible. The first 50 will go for just 129 pounds! I’m pretty much announcing the event on my blog/local lair first. After that, the rest of the world. So… Anyone who wants to attend this amazing event (and i’m telling you, it’s gonna be AMAZING) GET YOUR FUCKING TICKETS NOW!!!

I’d like to ask all of my blog readers out there to tell as many people as possible about this event.  If you’re in a lair, have a blog, or participate in any kind of group – SPREAD THE WORD! If there’s a bunch of you, email me personally about getting you guys into the event.

I’ll be posting up some good stuff on the Direct Dating Summit website so make sure to check in regularly!

Right – that’s all for now. I’m excited as fuck!!!



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