Why Nightclubs Suck


Considered by many a natural part of “natural selection” and youth culture. I say “fuck that”.


I believe most people actually hate clubs, and only go to them because:
a.)  Everyone else is doing it, or
b.)  They think that’s where you’re supposed to go to get laid.


Think about it. Visualize your average night club. Is everyone dancing around having a blast, or engaged in amazing conversations with their friends? HARDLY. A huge proportion of people are just hanging around looking awkward. Guys too scared to approach women, women sticking to their friends “hoping” some guy who’s not too wasted will approach them, while pretending to be there for the music. PLEASE!


Let’s just get the most obvious points out first:

Being somewhere because you’re “supposed” to be is automatically setting you up for a fall, because you’re setting up your expectations based on societal normal. Whenever you live by OTHER people’s ideas of what’s normal, you are sacrificing your own ideas of what is “right” and “wrong.” …. You’re doing what OTHER people have decided is “fun” …. Therefore removing the possibility that you are doing what you would be doing of your own volition. Bad Start.


People who go to nightclubs are fake.

You can never meet anyone amazing in clubs, because most people who go to clubs are trying to be someone they are not


Here’s some basic psychology for you:

If you really, truly like yourself: You do not need to go to clubs.

If you are a wonderful, social person who has a lots of friends: You do not need to go to clubs

In fact: The vast majority of complete people see absolutely no reason to go to them.


So – who does?

It’s the people who are seeking love, attention, and acceptance.


Have you seen how people behave in clubs?

First of, everyone’s just dressing up to show off to look “cool” or “Sexy” ….


Truly sexy people don’t have to show off.   Really cool people don’t have to “act cool” – they just are.


As a general rule, the harder you’re “Trying” to be something – the less you are it.


With this logic, most people going to the clubs are ‘Losers’ and are just trying to look cool.


Everyone’s in there enjoying themselves too much, they’re taking pictures to prove it. To who?? Why???


When I’m enjoying a good book, I don’t take selfies and then hit up my friends on what’s app “Hey everyone, this is me reading ‘The heart’s code’! – look how fascinated I am!Woo!”


When I’m watching game of thrones, am I there filming? “Hey this is me watching the red wedding, fuck yeah – who’s the boss!”


NO!! That’s retarded!!



If you’re having so much fun, why do you find the need to spend $200 on booze?  Can’t you just BE you who are, dance around, talk to people without taking mind altering substances?? Of Course not! You’re taking booze/drugs, etc. because CLUBS SUCK, AND YOU HAVE TO DULLING THE PAIN OF NOT ACTUALLY LOVE YOURSELF. DUH!


You can “meet someone” at a night club

Well, that’s true – you can always meet some one – but who’s that likely to be?

  • Women with low self-esteem
  • Women with psychological issues
  • Women Looking for free drinks / A Sugar Daddy


Okay sure, there ARE hot girls in a club- but if they aren’t in the above group, just imagine how many assholes have hit on them that night and all the previous nights of their lives? Imagine what that’s done to them? IF they weren’t born bitchy, they’ve been forced into it.


Odds of you finding a girl who is not dysfunctional or who’s there for the free booze? About 1000:1 … Good luck! With those odds, I’d rather not waste my time. You may as well just buy a lottery locket – it’s actually a better investment of your time and money.


Nightclubs are for Cowards

That’s right. Night clubs are for men that simply don’t have the guts to talk to women in real life – so they get drunk to covered up the intolerable pain of rejection. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? That’s right. They hook up with some disgusting women they’d normally never talk to. But hey, it’s all good right?? Beer goggles and all that. Wonderful.


Oh and the women? They will tell you that “We’re just here for the music!” That’s very rarely true. Sure, if it’s some great DJ or special event, that’s fine. But the vast majority of women in the vast majority of crappy clubs are there only for one reason, because it’s their ONLY HOPE of meeting someone. Why? Because most guys are too chicken-shit to approach women while they are sober. So they bring themselves to a club hoping to meet a guy who’s “not too drunk” and “not too ugly” …..


Well here’s a tip for you girls: Stop protecting your ego’s and playing hard to get – next time a cute guy walks passed you on the street, say ‘Hi’. Wink. Nod your head – give us something! Make it easier for us guys to approach you, and just MAYBE you won’t have to hang around horrific nightclubs anymore to get some. Just a thought.


The music in Nightclubs is too loud to talk

Have you ever tried to hold a conversation in a nightclub? It’s like two deaf people yelling at each other. Really funny to watch, and not very effective.  How in the world are you supposed to connect with someone, on any genuine level, when you can’t hear what they are saying??  How are you to screen out a potential mate when the only thing you can make out in the conversation is “GET A DRINK” and “I’M HERE WITH MY FRIENDS” …. Is it any wonder you end up naked with someone totally incompatible?


Here’s the worst part: The combination of non-communication and over-intoxication almost guarantees you to wake up next to someone you have nothing in common with. Of course, people are so desperate to have SOME kind of sex, they’ll start dating, and stay together because “hey, it’s better than being single. At least I’m getting laid”




In some cases, the girl will get pregnant, and then the the happy couple will do the “Right thing” and “settle down.”


Excellent work! I’m sure the kids are going to do very well in your newfound, loving family unit.  And in case you have a lower-than-average intelligence, I’m being sarcastic – you’ve now created more beings to share in your permanent, lifelong hell. WELL DONE.


Next point:  Clubs are money making business ventures – their sole purpose is to get as much money out of your pocket as possible. That’s the ONLY reason they exist – there IS no other reason.


You can get sex in nightclubs!

Well, that’s true – but what kind of sex?


The majority of men that frequent nightclubs are desperate and will sleep with anything that moves. They have no class, no standards, no game. I’m going to gamble that most of these guys have few skills – shall we say – under the sheets.


Women are pretending to be having fun with their “girlfriends” hoping they will somehow meet Mr Right.


In reality, drunk, desperate, short lived humping will leave both parties less than satisfied.


Clubbing reduces your social skills

I believe that spending time in clubs makes you anti-social, and reduces your baseline social skills. Think about it: If your idea of communication is running around drunk, yelling at people, while damaging your hearing, and internal organs while taking photos of yourself so as to prove you had a “Great time” to your friends later….. you need to re-analyze your life. Seriously.


Clubs make you dumb, Or – dumber,  if you’re the type that goes to them in the first place.

Reality Check for women:

The vast majority of women are pretending to be having fun with their “girlfriends” hoping they will somehow meet Mr Right.


NEWSFLASH: Mr. Right isn’t in there. Drunken assholes with low self-esteem are in there. If you love yourself, and had even a modicum of self-respect, you’d never DREAM of stepping into a night club. Why would you? A real man doesn’t need to stoop to hitting on drunken, desperate, free drink seeking girls in clubs. A real man has guts enough to approach normal girls, in real life, and meet them. That’s right: If you can’t talk to a woman in real life, you’re a bitch.

In conclusion: It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. If you’re sick and tired of suffering and not having women in your life, there’s only one thing you can really do. Grow a set of balls, accept that rejection is part of life, and start approaching beautiful women wherever they are.  Club game is stacked against you. Always was, always will be. You’ve got to face your fears and meet REAL women. SOBER. Just like our ancestors used to do. In fact, if our ancestors waited around for clubs to be invented to they would have permission to get drunk and hit on women – none of us would be here.


You might want to ponder that a moment.

And when you’re done: Here’s a video I put out about how much I hate clubs. I hope you enjoy it ;)



Click here to watch the 7 Reasons Why Night Clubs Suck


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