Chris’s Review of Boris [English]

I had the pleasure of taking a bootcamp with Boris 2 weeks ago today and it was a very huge experience for me.

Before training with Boris, I was confused in this area of my life, suffered hugely from Approach anxiety, and was not sure how to effectively communicate with women as a sexually charged, confident man.

When Boris arrived, he immediately struck me as a man who does not give a fuck what people or society think of him. I wanted to feel like that. We ate breakfast and he chatted(loudly) and talked about the correct mindsets.

At this point I was REALLY nervous with butterflies in my stomach as I knew what was coming….approaching women. Before this day, I had never cold approached attractive women during the day. Only at night. The mere thought of approaching scared the living shit out of me.

Boris began by making me gradually push my social comfort zone by doing weird and crazy stuff on the street to help open my mind and help me not to care. These excersises got SO crazy that I eventually said “fuck this, I want to approach a woman direct, cause these games are harder” haha. He smiled and sent me after a cute student who walked past. And I was off!

I did many more approaches for the 2 days, hitting on groups, married women, models, girls with headphones in, girls on phones, and getting numbers and amazing interactions, along with many rejections…where I learned…rejection ain’t shit!!
Boris makes it all so easy as he goes through everything from your approach stopping, to posture, eye contact and intent. What I especially liked about how he teaches is that he did not try to make me anyone I’m not, nor did he try change my personality. I am a naturally very low energy guy who meditates a lot, so I was originally worried weather I would have to force myself to become higher energy….NO! Not the case!

Thanks to Boris I can now approach any woman anywhere anytime, and be my authentic low energy self which pretty much makes the girl do all the work. It’s so effortless and natural. It still feels like magic to me. Iv learned and accepted that the AA feeling never goes away, but my relationship to it has changed. I still physically feel it, but rather than it being fear, it is now excitment and is fuel to approach, thanks to Boris!

Boris helped me clear away the fog and pinpoint everything I need to do within my interactions. I also discovered how rejection ain’t shit, and that regret is far worse than any rejection you can receive.
If you are thinking of studying with Boris, I will give you the same advice I give anyone who asks me anything on the matter of seduction now. STOP thinking, TAKE ACTION and just do it! You will gain so much in your new life.

I went out Friday, and without thinking I was approaching women. Only 2 approaches. The first rejected me, and apologized for having a boyfriend, now I no longer care. The second smoking hot girl…well…she also had a boyfriend…not that it ended up being a problem. ;-) I now have the ability to seduce a beautiful woman, whereas 2 and a half weeks ago, I would still of been stuck just looking.

Stop waiting and take responsibility for your life. Train with the big German!

Thanks B!

Chris, 25yrs, Ireland


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