Casual Dating Secrets | How To Date Multiple Women By Being Honest


Yesterday I shared a video explaining how to move on from the cold approach and get dates with a much higher success rate than meeting randomly on the street…


One of the next big struggling points for our graduates is MAINTAINING CASUAL RELATIONSHIPS.


Many years ago when Sasha would talk of his 3 girl, 4 girl or 5 girlfriend open relationships (where the girls ALL KNEW about each other) it made men go BUG EYED at the thought.


“You can tell these girls you’re dating other girls at the same time?!”


Because back then, the ‘Pick Up Artist’ thing to do was the LIE to women and hope you could get away with it!


Not with Sasha. And not with me.


In this video, I explain how to MAINTAIN a casual relationship that goes past the first few dates and into many happy years down the line.


You’ll want to watch this video if you’ve ever wondered…

  • WHAT TO SAY to keep your girl HAPPY that you’re dating other women
  • The signals and types of women to AVOID when using this
  • A few potential types of responses from HER
  • How to eliminate drama, arguments, hurt feelings + break up pain
  • When is optimum to have this conversation + save your romance

Plus a whole host more in this 15 minute video. Check it out:


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