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Boston Babe – Same Day hookup

So, I was teaching a bootcamp in Boston. I’m standing on likely the business corner of Boston…. which is a pretty sweet spot. Lots of foot traffic. I’m sending both my students to chat up girl after girl. This one very beautiful dark skinned tiny girl comes out of the subway, smiles right at me and walks on by. I looked at my students, and they look at me like “did you see that?” …. I sigh and chase on after her.

I approach her saying “Hey, I saw you look at me. Either you were checking out my jacket, or you like me”

She says “I was checking out your jacket”

I said “Bullshit, you like me”

After that I was like “Damn, you are really hot” (or something along those lines) and I just have a bit of a wee chat with her. She says she has to go to work, I ignore it and keep talking. She taken a semester of Russian, which is pretty interesting. I was trying to find out more about her but was kind of busy escalating like a son’m’bitch. Within 2 minutes I was holding her hands… then I was biting her neck, lifting her up, and then I tried to kiss her (no go.) I was teaching, and leaving town the next day – AND she was on her way to work, so I didn’t put much time in building a connection/finding out about her. I was just smiling/having fun/escalating. She eventually has to leave, we swap numbers and off she goes.

So I go off to some crappy bar with some guys. She texts me trying to get me to swing by where she bartends. I’m like “nah, can’t do it”. I Could have, but I don’t like hanging around trying to talk to some girl while she’s working/other guys are trying to hit on her. That’s a chump move. It’s already on, so why put myself in a position to fuck it up/have something go wrong? I refuse. She texts

“I’m about to get off before the Subway closes. U can pass by my house later”

then immediately

“Just to say hi”

So, basically we both know I’m coming over for fucking. But, she doesn’t want feel easy inviting a virtual stranger to her house. And possibly she wants to have an out in case or some reason it’s not on… so she sends the second text. Now, I speak girl talk somewhat – so I text her back

“Sounds good, am gonna split here soon anyways…How late u usually stay up? Txt me the address, and major cross streets, will try find u :P

followed by:

“Hey do you like family guy?? We could watch one episode? ☺ ps do you have any carrots to feed me?”

So – I’m also giving her plausible deniability. I was coming over to eat carrots and watch family guy. Sex just happened. She’s not some dirty ho who invited some random dude to bang her. Of course not. She would never do that.

Anywho, some more text insued. She was asking who I was coming to pick her up with. I decided to chuck Detail out to grab her, then give him address to come to once I’d arrived at her house. That could have been a huge state break.

She also double check when I was leaving town before sending her address. If I’d said anything other than “leaving tomorrow” she’d have perhaps sought to build more of a connection before making the playdate. But, I was leaving in the morning so it wasn’t an option.

When I got there, we went on the couch and were just talking etc. Question game ensued. At some point she was just trying to determine whether I liked her for anything other than her looks. She wanted to know if I though she was smart. Note: Even on a booty call, they want to feel that you really like them… at least to some degree.

On the couch I’d asked her “How many guys have you had sex with?” and she said “Three” and I was like “Bitch please, give me a break!” … and she says “times….. six!” Hahahah!!! Nice play. Girls are amazing.

So, I kept escalating on the couch but she wouldn’t let me kiss her. Eventually she said “let’s go do the bed”

On the bed she’s still putting up a fuss. Eventually I just said “You didn’t have me come over here not to fuck” … she said “What If I don’t want to fuck?” … I said “That’s fine, but I’m not hanging around here on your bed and not fucking, that’s for sure” …. And then after that I just tore her clothes off and that was that.

What was weird was that this girl wouldn’t kiss me for the whole time – and she would go down on me either! One of my friends was like “herpes!” … he might have been right. I don’t know. She just said she doesn’t do that unless she really knows someone. (hooker talk!) :P

After the sex/fingering I was about to pop into the RV to get another condom. I said to her “hey my friends in the car, he’s really horny. Shall I get him to come up?”

Her reply was “Is he cute? Followed by “oh no, uh, I just want you.”

This is note-worthy, because her default response was the real response. She was down. Then her social programming kicked in …

I napped till the morning, Ran down to the RV and took off for Philly …..


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