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Date: February 10/11th
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Our Standard Bootcamp consists of 2 afternoons of training. We provide you with exactly enough theory to get to the next stage, and then we go and hit the streets for exercises, demos, and getting you into interactions with beautiful women on the street! On day 2, we mic you up and listen in on your interactions – giving you specific feedback on your game, as well as a roadmap on what you can continue to improve on. That means you get the perfect balance of theory and in field experience to hammer these skills into your very being. We do our utmost to hone your abilities – everything from opening perfectly, to working on your banter, to make a real, solid connection. We’ll teach you our simple formula that will allow you to filter for, and genuinely connect with women YOU find attractive. And finally, we’ll show you how to pull the trigger, arrange to see her again and have an awesome first date!

Day 1

Intro and Basic Theory
A get to know you session where we figure out your strengths and weaknesses to enable us to push you in the right direction and make sure you get the most out of the training. Plus the fundamental theory – including:
· Why are so many men unsuccessful with women?
· How to avoid neediness
· Typical losing mindsets to be avoided and the correct mindsets to adopt for success
· Typical losing pickup strategies to be avoided and the correct strategies for success
· What do girls actually want?
· What is real value?
· Being in the moment
· Being honest with yourself, and the girl
· The importance of having a life
· The importance of knowing what you want and how it relates to qualification
· Overcoming limiting beliefs
· Why pride is your enemy
· Being a man

Social Exercises
Our unique exercises are revolutionary in the industry and are one of the reasons our students report such amazing results in such a relatively short time. We fundamentally believe that before you can approach a woman with authenticity and confidence, you have to break outside of your social programming and inhibitions and just have fun! You learn:
· How to approach any stranger and create an amusing situation
· How to stop caring about social awkwardness
· How to harness the power of self-amusement
· A series of hilarious pranks you can use to get yourself in a fun, playful state
· How to stop caring about the odd negative reaction or criticism

Social Exercises II and Approaches
Once you’re already having fun and are comfortable with our zany pranks, approaching women becomes a breeze! We continue with the exercises and push you to actually approach women this time, so we can see what your natural approach is like, and so you can start to see how women react to you when you’re actually in that “don’t-give-a-fuck” state and sucking them into your newfound frame of spontaneity and craziness! You learn:
· Less ego = more success with women
· One simple way to get a girl’s attention and begin an interaction with her
· How to stop caring if a girl rejects you

Day 2

Intermediate Theory II
The second main session of theory gets you the fundamentals of how to actually approach effectively, start the interaction the right way, and transition into a conversation. This includes:
· How to approach girls on the move
· When to stop / not to stop moving girls
· How to stop a woman dead in their tracks
· When to chase after a woman – the importance of persistence
· Smooth opening lines
· How to banter with her effectively
· The 6 categories of conversation starters and how they work
· How to transition into conversation after the opener
· Conversational tension points – and how to make sure you get through them!
· Why first impressions really are as important as they say

Approaches II
Now that you have the right mindset and the tools to actually approach effectively, this is all about seeing you in action actually stopping and talking to girls! We give you instant individualised feedback on every approach you do, covering:
· Body language, Voice tonality & Subcommunication
· Delivery of opening lines and general conversational style and vibe
· How you present yourself
· How you find out about her
· How you go for the number / date

Coffee, Analysis & Recap, Conversational Techniques & Advanced Theory III
Whilst relaxing, we go over what you did well and what you could have done better. Then we move on and cover the final bit of theory – how to keep the conversation going in the best way once you’ve successfully stopped her and delivered your awesome opening line. We also go over the next steps, from getting the number and setting up the date, to techniques to make that first date special and make sure you see her for a second, third and fourth! ;-) You learn the importance of hook stories and set you on the path of developing your own original stories. I’ll show you how to deliver your stories with maximum effect. After that…
· Why instant dates rock – and how to get them!
· How to get a girl’s number every time
· How to setup dates properly
· How to make sure she shows up for the date
· How to approach in multiple higher-pressure scenarios – on the tube, in a cafÈ, if she’s with multiple friends, guy friends, etc.

Approaches III and final Analysis and Recap
This is the final push – in the last hour you take all the material we’ve covered and put it into action whilst we give you your final tweaks of in-field feedback, and likely suggest some interesting and funny texts you can start sending out to all those numbers you got!

From there, you still get follow-up support because we want to make sure you go out and actually keep using this stuff – we want to know how your approaches are going and what sticking points you’re coming across so we can continue to help you even after the bootcamp’s over. You get:
· Homework missions for the rest of the month
· 3 months email support
· All our bootcamps and trainings include a money-back guarantee* – if you’re not satisfied after the 2 days that we’ve significantly improved your skills with girls, you get £££s right back to you

*See our Terms and Conditions


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Date: February 10/11th
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