Sasha Daygame in bood-bye belgrade

Good-bye Belgrade…. :(

I’m sitting in our favorite hotspot in Belgrade…. watching the girls walk by and I’m SAD!! I’M LEAVING!! Waaah :(

It’s been an amazing experience here in Belgrade. Good food, amazing women…


I’ve been joking around how Serbia is like “opposite land” …. hot girls with no attitude. There’s more women than men – and THEY pay for YOU on dates. They’re so proud and shit, I had to *convince* my Serbian girlfriend to let me buy her dinner. And this was after we’d been on a few dates. WTF !!!

Most importantly, the students on the residential program had some SERIOUS BREAKTHROUGHS during my Residential. I’m so proud of these guys!!!

One of the students had an absolute terryfing fear of approaching women.I’m talking Super AA guy levels of fear. And this guy – ready for it – was an MMA fighter!!! I’ve actually seen a video of this guy kicking the shit out of a black belt. FOR REALZ!!! It’s fucking amazing to me. This guy literally kicked the shit ouf this other fighter (yes, I seen the video) and he had a look of absolute terror every time he even *thought* about talking to women. He lost that fear on day 2, had a melt-down by day 3, and was doing great by day 5. Same process / different timetable for 2 other students. PROPER BREAK-DOWNS!! I must be doing something right!

Really reminds me that – hey – change ain’t easy. If you really want to grow, you’re going to feel some pain. Nothing worth doing is every going to be easy. This is the reason I get so pissed off when companies are trying to suggest THEY WILL MAKE YOU AMAZING WITH WOMEN overnight. Get the fuck outta here.

If you’re a totally normal dude who just needs a kick in the ass – yea, maybe. I’ve had guys take my 2 day bootcamp and start killing it. But usually they need to keep working at it, and at the very least do their homework (yes, approach the first hottie you see every day – forever) !!!

If you know you got some serious issues – you gotta work those issues out. You may iron some of them out chasing tail – but you’re probably going to have to go a big deeper. That’s just how it is. Trying to Bang a bunch of chicks isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself. It fact, it may make you feel worse if you get no results. You’ve still got your initial issues AND you’re failing at getting laid. You see the problem? I’ll talk about this in the next podcast (will be on i-tunes) for sure, so look out for that. (I’ll blast it out to my list + blog)

God so much happened here. We made friends with this local guy who’s british who was being a complete wuss. We literally beat him into approaching girls – he hooked up with a girl a few days ago, and has completely changed. He’s going for it quite a bit now. He’s a perfect example of a totally normal dude that just a)had limited beliefs about women b)was lacking game.

As long as he keeps at it, he’s going to kill it.

Anywho, it’s been a crazy ass time and I loved every minute of it. Working with James Marshall, John Keegan, and Gareth Jones has been truly inspiring. I’m looking forward to the Oslo mini residential with James. My first time over there!

Hectic week coming up…. gonna be funnnnn….



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