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Aug 05

Alright. I know. I haven’t been blogging recently. But, a lot of shit has been going on. A lot of shit. I’ve been busy running bootcamps mainly, plus I’m organizing a major event, plus comedy…….arghhhhh.

I made out with a German girl on the street 2 days ago. We’d made eye contact, I knew she was into me. I said “Hey are you Danish?” and she said “No, I’m German, are you Danish?” and I was like…. “Listen, I know this is weird but – will you be my girlfriend?” and she’s like “yes” …. And I stare at her. Then I said “You’re supposed to say know, and then I cry” and she says “Ok, let’s start again!”

So I come in again, and she still says yes, and then I grab her face and plant one on her mouth. No tongue but I feel I coulda done it. Right away I’m thinking “this chick is awesome!” … Then we walk and talk. I say I wanna hook up with her in the next 2 days … I know I should do it that night but I’ve got shit to do that night… I invite her to a gig for the next day over FB (her phone was dead)

Anywho – yea before I said bye, I said give me a kiss and she planted one of my mouth. Then I said “Give me a real kiss” And we made out proper – right in front of her friend! German girls rock!!!!
(she didn’t show up to the comedy– but hopefully I will see her in berlin!)

Anywho: Last few weeks I’ve been just doing fucking stupid fun stuff in field. It hasn’t really been getting – I’m not even tryin to get laid more – I don’t care. I’ve been too busy entertaining myself. It’s totally Sasha/Marcus hybrid game. It’s like lame/stupid game – Hitting on girls badly, being blown out and crying/screaming … begging girls for their phone number. Getting down on one knee……. Just fucking ridiculous shit. SO MUCH FUN.

I think having a blast is really far more important to me than picking up girls, hhehehe. But, in doing so – I find I’ll still find the girls that really like my core personality. What I’m doing isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to be a douche and do stupid shit to talk to girls or meet girls. But, for me – that’s who I am. I love it. I was teaching a guy this past weekend who’s quite a serious dude. I said to him “man, you don’t have to do this shit. Do a bit of it… then try these other forms of approach and just do what feels right for you” … that’s really what this is all about. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE – then think “what feels right? What do I want to do ?

There’s no RIGHT or WRONG way to do anything. Just what’s right for you the individual. (Ok ok, yes that are, just wrong ways of doing certain things – but you know what I’m saying here)

Everyone has to GET OUT OF THEIR COMFORT ZONE – it’s the only way to grow.

This week, I’m trying something that completely is weird and hard for me. Marcus has been yelling at me to do this for years… and I still don’t do it. I’M TRYING NOW
My regular readers will think “oh here we go again” but I’m REALLY trying to do it this time
It’s low energy game. LOW ENERGY. And with not jokes. Like lame game, but not the funny super on purpose lame game. Just….. normal conversation.
We’ve been walking up to girls and doing this:

“hey, I know this is a bit random but ….. will you go on a date with me?”

Just that. Nothing funny. just straight up.
Here’s what happens: Most girls apologize for having a boyfriend, and are really flattered. Yesterday I had a funny one: These two girls were there…. I stared a bit too long before I delivered the line (mainly cuz I was tryin to decide which one to ask out) … and I did the line and she was like “this is weird” as they ran off. Hahaha. Awesome.

Anyways Marcus knows me very well and he says (and others than know me) … shit they all say the same thing. The normal me that just chills out and has a chat … he’s cooler than the jokey character I put on. And I’m realizing they are right. It’s almost impossible to go into my normal self mode when I meet people – but that’s what I’m working on.

Doing some approaches over the weekend I ran into (not one) but TWO girls I’d approached before. Fucking hilarious. Anyways one of them, I had a great chat with. And I didn’t flirt with her at all. It was just an interesting conversation, and I could tell she was interested. She said she’s sent me a message on FB, but I never got it. I got her number this time. But the point is- sometimes just a normal chat is awesome and get’s ‘em interested. I was chatting with this brazilian girl last week and she was also interested – as soon as I started flirting she fucked off and that was it.

Maybe it depends on the girl. I just relentlessly flirt with everyone but – maybe it’s best not to and see what happens? I just can’t be arsed fucking about. I like to know if someone’s interested in 30 seconds so I don’t waste my time. Ah well.

Maybe I need more calibration – I think I’m too impatient. Maybe direct is good for impatient fuckers? Ah well whatever… I don’t know anymore.


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