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Become Addicted to Excellence

How do we become excellent?

I’ve been doing some ponderin’ recently….
I was in the gym the other day, and I was just thinking about how good it feels to be seeing results.


I noticed also how whenever I’m really pushing myself at the gym, it motivates me to push myself in other areas of my life.


I could be feeling a bit lazy or unmotivated – I’ll go to the gym, and start working out. Once I get into it, I like pushing myself as hard as I can. It’s challenging and makes me feel good.



What’s the point of being in the gym if I’m not going to give it my 100% ?


Suddenly, I find myself thinking about all the other things I want to do – all the areas I want to / could be pushing myself more in. I start thinking about game concepts and how they could be explained more effectively to my students.


I get ideas about how to get closer to, and add value to the lives of the people I care about.


I start thinking about what I could do to better my service and expand my business and my career.


Sometimes, I even get ideas about some things I could try in bed!


I’ve also noticed, when I’m doing some really good coaching… and there’s a happy student in front of me beaming…. I think “Fuck yeah. I rock. I’m good at this. I’m awesome. I’m going to going to push myself harder in the gym – I’m gonna be ripped!”


It seems to me, the more discipline I have in any one aspect of my life, the more it makes me want to push myself harder and go further in all other areas. Success is contagious. Discipline is contagious.


The flip side of this is, lazyness, failure – and “settling” seems to be contagious as well.


Makes sense – this is why you see so many people on either side of the divide.  So many people out there are ridiculously successful. They don’t just have a successful multi-million dollar business – they’re in good physical condition, they’re happy in their relationships, they have an awesome social life, they don’t settle – they want it all, and they get it all. Why? They’re addicted to success.


And of course – on the flip side this would explain the down and outs. How can someone not have a job, be fat, single… and still live with their mama at age 35?


They’re used to failure.  Failure begets failure and success begets success.
Just like discipline. The more you have, the more you want, and the easier it is to maintain.


At any point in your life – you’re either making progress and moving forward, or you’re regressing and moving backwards. There is nothing in between. If you’re doing nothing – you’re wasting time, which means you’re moving backwards.


Ask yourself: Are you better today than you were yesterday? Are you overall happier/most successful/more satisfied with life than you were a month ago?


If the answer is no, it’s time to make a change!


So, I say to you – if you’re skirting around the idea of pick up, dive in head first! Go CRAZY! Decide on a specific amount of time you are willing to dedicate to this area, and do everything within your power to make the largest possible improvements. Come up with a specific goal, one that you will clearly know once you’ve achieved. Strive for total excellence in just this one part of your life. Become addicted to being amazing. SMASH YOUR GOAL!


You’ll find the better you get in this one area, the more you’ll strive for excellence in other areas of your life. It’s only natural!


Step by step, you’ll start to apply the same discipline in other parts of your life that you’ve applied to achieve excellence in your 1st chosen area.


ArnoldKSome of the greatest “Over-performers” went from mastery in one area to mastery in another. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He was the #1 Bodybuilder in the world – then he became the #1 actor in the world… and then the governor of California!


Josh Waitzkin was a Chess Grand Master by the age of 11 … and after becoming one of the World’s greatest ever chess players he took up Tai Chi. And guess what – he then went on to Become a Tai Chi master and world champion!!joshK


Unbelievable? Not really. These people strive for excellence.


Take one thing – focus on mastering just one area of your life – and the next thing you know, this excellence will spread like a kind of happy cancer.


One day you’ll wake up, and be a superstar!




Alright kiddies…. see you next time!



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  • Christina Howard says:

    Wow, thanks. I had my children young and it feels like I’m at a standstill right now. Thankfully we’re about to move into our new apartment and basically start over. Maybe I’ll be more organized and focused in my own space. Thank you for this article!

  • pb says:

    How do you explain all the rich, fat people?

    • Admin says:

      You’re attaching being “Rich” to being excellent.

      I don’t.

      Also you should ask an American that question :P

  • khalid says:

    good stuff as always sasha

  • Borna says:


  • Lachlan says:

    Very interesting :)

  • Ricky Damper says:

    Just want to sign up for the, mailing list

  • Vince says:

    Thankyou Nice!

  • Frank says:

    Really a great article sasha

  • Joe says:

    Hero to pua world.

  • Alex says:


  • Brett says:

    Great article.

  • James says:

    Mate this is good stuff. Makes 100% sense and really well written.

  • fito says:

    thanks man

  • chris says:

    yo i read this article and it got my blood pumping! i have ups and downs with my life and fk this is kinda waking me up! keep it up mate

  • james says:

    i need advice on sexual escalation…i dont know how to sexually escalate without being creepy and how to break that physical barrier between me and the girl

  • Bogdan says:

    great article sasha,if u don’t mind i’d like to ask u something…
    i’ve followed your advices from forum and tried to talk to a girl,she works on sales in a shop with women stuff.anyway i talked to her,made her laugh but she didn’t give me a chance.the thing is that i like her a lot .though i made her laugh but she was keep telling me to go because she works….
    what should i do?i need u professional opinion please….

  • Willi says:

    Amazing article!

  • Strawberry says:

    Mr Sasha, you are a living legend. This article not only describes your overall goal in life, but such an article can be extrapolated into everyone’s goals in life. Much of it reminds me of a great author, one of my favourites, Robin Sharma. Maybe you’ve heard of him.

    My PUA days started after reading “the book”, and from there, night game swiftly moved to day game, with direct methods 90% of the time. I’ve found that I’m able to judge a women before the opener and this helps me determine how direct I go. I always tame my mind towards Mode One during the process – Mode One Baby!!! (Sasha screams as he reads this) – and that always helps. Not tried to be as direct as Daxid X yet…

    I’ve always been okish with women but day game has made me bloom and I have been teaching some mates who keep coming back for more. It’s amazing how teaching has helped me become better too. Becoming addicted. As I write this, I just got back from making out with a masseuse.

    Dunno why I’m telling you life story but to be honest who else would appreciate it more. Cheers again Sasha. Keep up the good work.


    • sasha says:

      Moooode Oneeeee ….. Alan’s actually in his room right now, he’s flying back to Chicago after DDS in an hour. I’m gonna miss him! And DAMN – it was fun hanging with him. He’s a trip!

      KEep it up sound like you’re doing good :)

  • Geanger says:

    yeahhh this shit work i lernen alot from you SASHA thanx

    keep going

    your student LOL

  • eddyvanradio says:

    I’m sorry to ask something which has nothing to do with the content, but who is the girl on the picture of the article?

  • Yann says:

    I like the content! It makes a lot of sense – you have to be motivated to invest those 10.000 hours into the domain to become a master in it. But, I really find it amazing how does the transfer of the different skills from one domain to another happen! Commitment to the excellence definitely a big factor.

  • Jack says:

    This is my favourite article!

    • sasha says:

      Thanks man! This one was floating around in my head for a while and i just hammered it out….. glad someone liked it! ;)

  • cashmoney says:

    cashmoney approves of this article.

    For real though bro, really good work. I’ve been starting to get disciplined myself and I see the same shit you’re talking about here in my own life. The part about the successful people being addicted to success is spot on – the shit transfers all over their lifes.

    Get on the grind.

  • Chacha says:

    Usually i hate long articles, cause i get bored after 30 seconds of reading, but this was really well written, insightful and fucking helpful man!!! Some really solid stuff in there Sasha, its a shame more people don’t think like this, if they did, they’d find a VERY SIMPLE way to be less unhappy and more rich, successful and happy with just one simple step : Focus and maintain one goal to perfection, others goals will become more realistic and you’ll have more incentive to achieve them once you’ve accomplished one fully.

    Good stuff!

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