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Be greedy – help others!

About a week ago, I went apeshit and bough 3 belts at once. There’s a great beltmaker in Belgrade. About $22 for sick ass leather belts you won’t find anywhere else. (Nope, not telling you where he’s at, either!) :P

Anyways, I made a point to chat to him a bit – and then I brought my friends over and they bought some too. Obviously it helps him make money, but it helps them too because they get to buy some pimp belts for WAY less than such belts would cost in the real world.

Anyways, a couple of days ago, I was walking around trying to buy some sheets. I was having ZERO luck. Everyone I asked either didn’t speak english, or had no idea. I was ready to give in (which meant sleeping on a bed RAW – not classy.

On the way home, I passed the belt-maker and we said hi. I asked him about the sheets. He explained there was a great market a 5 minute walk away that would have everything I needed. Not only that, he insisted on talking me there. Not only did he walk me over, he spoke to the sellers, and got me a discount on my stuff.


Later he explained I probably would have been charged extra as I was a foreigner.

The moral here is obvious: Take a moment or two to help those around you – friends and randoms too. I’m not going to help a random person MOVE – but if it just takes a couple of mins (like telling my friends where this shop was) – DO IT!  What you put out always comes back – there’s no way around this. It’s a universal law! :)



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