The Sasha Daygame 2-Day Bootcamp

The most intensive and effective in-field personalised daygame coaching on the planet



Bootcamp Outline And Options

Whichever course date and instructor you choose, you'll always get at least 8 hours of in-field time and 4 hours of mindset and theory. We structure the course in a way that maximizes learning and growth, and give you personalized feedback with wireless microphone technology.

Day #1 Overview

We begin the first day at 12:00 noon with 'big picture' mindsets. This isn't "believe-in-yourself" motivational bullshit. We outline the limiting beliefs holding you back, and then present an alternate view of reality that, if true, will radically alter what you believe is possible.

Then we go outside and do a series of social freedom exercises designed to allow you to have exactly the experiences you need to prove those liberating mindsets are true. As well as laughing (lots!) and learning components of the Direct Daygame System, these exercises put our students in an incredibly free, "outcome-independent" mindset, and ready to learn and experiment with new techniques from a place of fun!

We take a break and go through the exact method Sasha honed (from years of trial-and-error on the busy streets of London) to instantly stop a girl and start the conversation in the most powerful and effective way possible, so you have the best chance of creating a massive emotional impact on her within the first 10 seconds.

Just like the first half of the day, we immediately go outside and you prove this method works by implementing all the components of it yourself, in-field. Our guarantee to you: if you show up and follow what we tell you–even if you've never done a daygame approach in your entire life–you will have successfully stopped a very attractive woman on the street and given her a genuine, honest compliment by the end of the first day.

Day #2 Overview

We start day 2 at 12:00 noon, and we build on the foundation from the previous day. You get three main things:

• You learn how to correctly modify the opening structure to apply to every conceivable everyday situation that can possibly arise in your daily life. Girl with her friends? Girl working in a shop? Girl sitting down on the bus? Girl shopping with her mother? Yes, it's all possible, and easy once you have the structure and principles in place!

• You learn how to continue the conversation past the opener through the transition, connection, qualification, and then pulling the trigger in the most efficient way possible. You'll know how to avoid the common mistakes that most guys are killing attraction with, how to create an 'effortless' feeling where she comfortably opens up to you and you're never left wondering "what do I say next?" And you'll know exactly how to get her number and what to text her (and when) so you massively reduce the chances she flakes on you.

• Finally, we have our top-of-the-line wireless microphone system on you for at least 2 hours of the day. This means, as soon as you walk away from an approach thinking "what did I do wrong?", your instructor is right there with the answer, an expert analysis of what happened, and the exact steps you need to take next time to improve. Just this 5 minutes of feedback is worth months and months of frustrating, confusing trial-and-error by yourself, and cuts your learning curve massively.

After Your Course: Follow-Up Support for Fourteen Months!

But we certainly don't stop there! From years of experience, we know that what you do after the course is just as important as how much effort you put into the time we have together during your program! So, after your course:

• First get all the theory videos emailed to you, which you have lifetime access to to re-watch and refresh your memory any time you need. You also get the last section of theory, which is what to do with the numbers you get during your approaches, what to text them to set up the first date, and what to do on the first date to make sure she wants to see you again!

• Our Online Immersion Program ($3000 separately) begins immediately after the live component ends. This will take you back through all of the theory you've just learned and the exercises you've done over the course of 8 weeks so that you can truly solidify the new habits and mindsets you've created during the live training. 

• Finally you are enrolled in the Direct Dating Academy for 12 months for FREE ($1476 for non-bootcamp students). This plugs you into a support network of over 200 guys just like you all around the world. You can post your question in the private members group on Facebook, and have all the instructors and successful bootcamp graduates answer it for you, to keep you on track and implementing every day. The Academy also gives you a new seminar each week (4-6 hours of content a month!) from a roster of the top dating, relationships & sexual mastery instructors on the planet, along with homework so you can continually be learning and implementing more advanced methods.

• And don't forget you have 24/7 access to your instructor via email for 3 full months after your course. If there's something personal you want to ask them that you don't want to post in the DDA group, just reach out. We do this because we are genuinely passionate about helping you achieve the dating life you desire.

Full Course Contents & Guarantees

Here's everything you get during the training and after the course...

Day 1

  • The liberating mindset you need to destroy your limiting beliefs and become socially free
  • Approach anxiety annihilating social-freedom exercises that get you into fun, playful state of outcome-independence
  • The carefully-perfected technique for stopping a girl on the street (yes, even if she's walking super fast with headphone on!)
  • The exact step-by-step framework for starting the conversation in an authentic, genuine and honest way
  • The psychological principles behind the opening framework that you can use to meet anyone in any social situation and have a powerful emotional impact on them
  • GUARANTEE: If you follow what we say, you will have stopped and approached a beautiful girl on the street...even if you've never done a single approach in your entire life!
  • GUARANTEE: We give 100% of our energy, enthusiasm and passion into communicating the material to you, and encouraging you to implement it. We will push you way outside of your comfort zone and you will do things you never thought possible!

Day 2

  • How to apply the opener framework across multiple daytime you know you can do it no matter what the situation
  • How to continue the conversation from opener to comfortable and 50-50...without making the attraction-killing mistakes most guys screw up with!
  • How to build a real, deep connection with she really opens up to you and feels like you guys share something
  • How to make sure she walks away actually excited to see you again, hoping that you'll text or call her soon!
  • What to text her (and when) to solidify the connection and make her feel an emotion, so you massively increase the chance of her agreeing (and showing up to) your first date!
  • Personalised wireless microphone feedback after your approaches from your instructor – never be left wondering "what did I do wrong?"
  • GUARANTEE: You will have a complete roadmap all the way from "hello" to getting her number and seeing her again, so every step of the way you'll always know exactly what to do next.
  • GUARANTEE: You will have a toolbox of skills you can implement in 90% of normal everyday situations to meet and attract the women you find attractive in a natural and authentic way

Follow Up Support

  • Lifetime access to all the theory videos from the entire course, so you can re-cap any time you want
  • Bonus theory videos covering a simple 3-4 text pattern to get her out on a date with you...without spending days and days messaging back and forth
  • Three months of 24/7 email support from your instructor. Share anything with them, including your successes and new sticking points and roadblocks as they come up. Just like on the course, they're there to support you, encourage you, and challenge you to push yourself and get to the next level!
  • Twelve full months of The Direct Dating Academy for FREE. This monthly mastermind group includes weekly seminars and homework missions and monthly webinars with Q&A
  • You get plugged into a worldwide support network of over 200+ guys who have all taken live training, are in the Academy, as well as all our instructors and Sasha himself, inside the private Academy facebook group. Post your questions, struggles and success stories, and you'll get feedback, analysis and encouragement to help you keep improving!

Listen To What Guys Like You Are Saying About Their Bootcamp...

I think in terms of freeing yourself and growing as a man the course is invaluable. Once you do some of the goofy shit that Sasha has you do, getting rejected by a girl is pretty much nothing. Moreover, you learn that nobody really gives a shit about what you do so...feel free to do whatever! Part of the fun of the whole thing is meeting the other dudes so you can form a support structure and have people to push you to stay on top of your skills. Really, I just wish it lasted longer. There is so much stuff to absorb but almost all of it has a reason for being included and is worth mastering.

Either way, the course is definitely worth doing regardless of your abilities with women. There is something for every guy to learn here. It's a fantastic experience that really changes your perspective on a lot of things.

Italo S
Italo S Austin, TX, USA

It was an amazing experience. Ryan was a great instructor and he helped me through a lot of obstacles. My favourite part of the course was how the infield training was structured...

I told a girl she has an amazing ass and she loved it. I had never been that forward before. I ended up pulling a girl to my hotel room that night as well.

The bootcamp will destroy your approach anxiety

There's a 3 month email support so I'm interested to see how far I can progress in that period with constant feedback. I would definitely recommend this to people.

I asked two girls out today. One said she has a boyfriend, and one is flirting with me over text now.

M. H.
M. H. London, UK

I enjoyed the whole thing. It was everything I expected and more. My favorite part was basically making some random girls day by approaching her. The whole thing kind of flew by. The theory part of the course was also very informative. I had a couple moments where I was like holy shit that makes sense to me now. 

I like the fact there were multiple instructors too so you get three different people telling you what you need to fix. Everyone was great and told you exactly where you need to improve and they pushed me every step of the way. I would recommend this to a friend, I mean I got laid the day after the course.

I feel I changed dramatically, I can approach any girl that I feel attracted to now. When I approach them I can do it competently and I'm trying to see if there is a connection. I know I have to try and push to make things more sexual. I also enjoy the whole process when I'm doing it, it doesn't seem like a interview or a checklist. If I keep up with this stuff I believe I will never be waiting too long for some female comfort. That's fucking awesome! What else could I ask for?

James M
James M New York, USA

The course was fantastic, it was a blast from start to finish. The best part of the course, apart from chatting up fit eastern european women, was just hanging out with Sasha and Marcus. Not once did I feel as though they were coaches, they genuinely felt like friends who I'd known forever, not just 2 days. My favourite part of the course was approaching groups of beautiful girls and having Sasha come in and be my wingman, pretty cool if I do say so myself. I also liked the way they broke down an interaction and told me what I did well and what I could have improved on, very insightful. I would definitely recommend the course, it was an experience that I will take with me forever. I have felt a change in my confidence, self esteem and the most important thing I have taken from the course is that every day has just become much more fun.

Daniel P
Daniel P London, UK

I think the information and experiences which I got out of this boot camp will have an extremely positive impact on my future overall life and I would absolutely do it again.

I guess the thing that helped me the most, was the part where Ryan gave me a microphone and listened to my conversations, because he recognized mistakes I made over and over again and could give me specific tips to stop doing them.

I also think that someone who approaches this bootcamp should really set his expectations in the right way. For me personally, it wasn’t like I come out of this and I absolutely have no fear and approach everybody. But I am much more ahead now and I got the tools to go on effectively.

Ryan communicated the material absolutely effectively and answered all of my questions in a way that I understood. I would absolutely recommend it to a friend, because this is stuff that really helps you and gets you to accomplish this area of your life and ENJOY YOURSELF.

Now back in my 'normal' life I realize more and more that I tend to do stuff that I think is funny and enjoy myself more. I can’t wait to do the pranks when I am in the city and I tend to understand more and more of the ideals of enjoying yourself and doing stuff that you like.

I hope this helps you, I am really happy that I took this step and it was totally worth the money and the effort.

Lukas P
Lukas P Austria


Seriously, the guy is just a happy dude and fucking funny. I really loved Sasha's energy. I decided to take a boot camp with Sasha because I share his honest approach to the game, no gimmicks, no bullshit. It is a man relating to a woman in a sincere way.

On the very first day of the boot camp we started with the social exercises. They really destroy your approach anxiety

...and most importantly you REALIZE that people don’t care whatever you are doing.

I went on two insta-dates that afternoon!

The second day was just approach, approach, approach. Sasha listened to our interactions the whole time. We approached girls in every possible scenario. Girls with guys; girl with group of friends, girls working in stores, girls having coffee at Starbucks, girls with their moms, girls on the train! LOL you name it.

The feedback from Sasha was invaluable. I went on another insta-date that day! I highly recommend Sasha’s bootcamp. I am really happy with the results I obtained and all the valuable mindsets that he gave me. It was and honour and a pleasure to learn from such a great guy.

Hector G
Hector G Calgary, Canada

The course was amazingly effective. It mainly shows how to not give a damn about what other people think or say. Through out the activities you realize how easy it is to just go for what you want.

Daniel L
Daniel L Montréal, Canada

An intense ~15 hours of mental and physical training. I feel like I'm capable of going for the women I want now. And not only that, I feel like I need to approach when I see a gorgeous girl. I'm slowly realizing it's ok to be sexual with beautiful girls. I think this more direct straight to the point mindset will be useful in other areas of my life as well.

Ryan is like a steamroller, pushing new stuff into your head and forcing the old stuff out. He definitely communicated stuff effectively. Ryan's persistence was also the thing that got me a quick coffee-date with the most beautiful girl I've ever been out with.

I probably could've gotten laid even, if I'd had the balls to go totally honest with the girl. But I'll work on it next time!

I definitely got my money's worth and will most definitely be recommending this to friends. Or at least the friends I know want to improve themselves.

Janne K
Janne K London, UK

I got pretty much exactly what I wanted. I liked the social awkwardness exercises, and I was surprised how easy it was to step outside my comfort zone after I had decided to do it. The progression to approaching girls was quick and seemless and took all the pressure off.

The material was communicated effectively and resonated a lot with me. I would definitely recommend it.

...the basic daygame approach that I couldn't get myself to do four months ago, even though I pushed myself very hard, I have now done ten times in the past week, and it was easy.

Torbjørn Norway

I enjoyed the course a lot, and I wish I could hang out with Ryan more than just 1 weekend. My favorite part of the course were the social freedom exercises, even though they were tough to get through sometimes.

Ryan communicated the material very well. I would absolutely recommend the course to a friend, and I will do so in the future.

I believe the course helped me to get over most of the fear I had in approaching women, and people in general.

Jason B
Jason B Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment work?

Payments are taken through a 128-bit SSL secure order form. You can use credit card, bank transfer, cash, PayPal, even BitCoin – whatever works for you!

How many other students are on the course? Will I get enough personalized attention from the head instructor?

You will, because we try to stick to an industry-leading 2:1 student:instructor ratio for all our live training. So you'll always get microphone feedback, personal attention, and all your questions answered throughout the program.

What if I don't get results?

One of the things we've never done is promise ridiculous results to our students. A lot of companies might promise "you'll get laid instantly with this simple NLP mind-hack", but we figure you don't stay in business for almost a decade by deceiving people.

The fact is, any 'success' you do have in terms of dates or sex will likely happen after the bootcamp, and will require you to actually implement the material consistently for a good few months. That's why we do our best to build in over a year of follow-up between the OIP and DDA. But if you come expecting to pay a bunch of money and then have us magically fix you, without you having to put in any effort – then don't sign up!


So do I have to be like Sasha for this to work? Is this about learning how to copy him?

Absolutely not! You don't have to be naturally funny or go around making jokes all the time at all. If you look at the rest of our team, you'll see we all have our own personalities and styles. The common factor is we all implement Sasha's Direct Daygame System when we approach women. What makes it so easy, is it's just a framework anyone can follow where you input your own words, personality, what you find attractive, and what's going on in the situation, and out comes a totally natural, authentic and congruent interaction.

Do I have to already be at a certain level of skill to get the most out of this training?

Not at all! We definitely go deep and teach a lot of powerful mindsets, principles and techniques, but you don't have to know anything at all in order to experience a profound transformation during the course. In fact, we've found that many guys who have spent too long inside the "seduction community" and have read too much material can often be more challenging students than guys who are totally new to this (because of the amount of limiting beliefs and bad mindsets they start the course with...or not!) The most important thing is that you come willing to do whatever we say (however unusual or counter-intuitive it sounds!) and push yourself into new and challenging situations. That's it!