Authenticity in Entrepreneurship w/ Steve Pavlina Podcast

It’s 8.45 AM, Acapulco time. As I write this hurriedly write this, I’m just about to run out the door to speak at Jeff Berwick‘s Anarchapulco Entrepreneurship bootcamp


I’ll be talking about all the stuff I learned from the last 9 years running a coaching business.


Yep … 9 years since I started running around the streets of London helping guys connect with the ladies.


I can’t believe it’s been that long!


It’s been a huge passion of mine, but throughout the years i’ve learned a lot, developed a lot, and changed a lot


Now, I’m much more excited about helping guys overcome their limitations, and excel in life in every way.


Sure…. but what about EVERYTHING else?
Financial success?
The nomadic lifestyle?
Health and longevity?
Our connection to source?

What about waking people out of the this fake ass dream we’re told is reality?


That’s what gets me up in the morning.


And so…. this podcast is about authenticity in business.


If you’ve ever wanted to start a buisness, or you’ve got one already but you’re not sure how to go about building it in a way that’s congruent with who you are:


Check out this podcast. You’ll like it…. and it may very well change your life!


I can’t believe I even make these for free!!!!


Ok, wish me luck @ my talk….. :)




UPDATE: You have just missed the Direct Dating Summit Relationship Mastery event in Acapulco… But we will shortly be releasing the footage to Direct Dating Academy members via our online member area. You can still get access to the Academy and TONS of past talks, the info is right here.


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