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Aug 24th – emotionally unstable girls abound!

Aug 24th

Alright alright, I know I’ve not been blogging but it’s fucking near impossible. I’m flyering every day, trying to catch shows, and doing my comedy show each night.

Let me think what’s happened:

About 10 days ago, I made out with one older hottie (30) but it was clear she was emotionally unstable. She was latching on to me already – decided to stay away from her. You meet someone, they are already venting on you – not a good sigh. Same night, I bumped into one girl I’d met at my comedy gig.  Girl was 21 and smoking hot. We were all over each other, but she was just in town 2 days and staying with a couple. She said she felt guilty coming with me, her first night staying with her friends. She was like “I wanna see you tomorrow!” but I knew that was the end of it when I left her that night. Close one though…..  but no cigar.

Did a very simple approach on a girl a couple of days ago… she seemed very keen and we met up.  I went to meet her in this bar, but this other guy was hanging around trying to talk to her. Turns out it’s an old friend of hers… thought it was obvious he liked her. I couldn’t really do anything with her standing next to him… so I let them chat for about 2 mins as I spoke to my friend and then came in with “Hey, I can’t get to know you with your friends all over you – you’re too popular! I can’t stay long anyways, can I steal you for 10 minutes?” and she’ s like “Sure” and then I totally kidnapped he for like an hour. The other guy just left and he got pissed she never came back. Awwww. Sorry buddy.

Anywho: We had a great talk…. Girl seems pretty cool, and pretty open about sexual stuff etc. She’s been with a fair number of guys and seems to just OK about sex. Girls got some serious past issues, but acted like she was all good now. I had her laughing about ‘em in no time. Was apparent nothing was going to happen that night, but I thought hey its all good. She seemed pretty cool, and is very hot, and tall. Like, 6 foot!

Yay! When she tells me she hasn’t gotten laid since June,  and that guys almost never approach her. I tell her it’s because she’s very hot, and tall, and most guys are scared. Another perfect example of when game trumps all…. You approach, you have a massive shot just because you’ve met her. Boom! Just the fact that she’s not getting approached in the day = she thinks you’re the man. Plus, there’s not a lot of “up front” guys around her – this type of girl just has lots of “orbiter” friends … and we know how far those gets get. Nowhere.

We hung out a long while, and then I let her go off with my friends. I did suggest she come along with me but it wasn’t going to happen that night. She agrees to meet up the next day.

What makes this night weirder is that hot/crazy girl from London I’d almost hooked up with texted me earlier saying she’d been in a big fight with her BF and she didn’t know where she was staying. This was weird… I wasn’t sure if it was a booty call, or a revenge booty call against her BF, or really she didn’t know anyone in the city. I texted her saying she could crash if she needed to.. thinking I’d judge the situation as It developed.

Turned out it was all ok and she didn’t need to come round. Would have been weird/interesting….

Next day

I meet her and we hang a bit, but she’s off to meet some pals. I let her go and do my own thing – but she’d suggested I come meet her after to walk her home.  I met her afterwords. She was kinda drunk and takin forever to leave.

She was immediately hostile/defensive when we left the building

“You don’t’ have to walk me home. I’ll be fine”

I asked her what’s wrong and she said I was acting impatient. I was… she was taking ages saying by to her friends.

I said no, just that I’m hungry and I wanted to walk her home. She’s like “you don’t have to do it if it’s like a chore” and I said “no, I’m here because I wanted to walk you home, and that’s what I’m doing!”

So, at the fork in the road, she says “we’ll go via your house” and we’re talking to mine. After a while we get to another fork in the road and she’s like “well, I’m that way so, I guses I’ll go home”

But, then she wouldn’t go, she’d just stand there, and start giving me LMR right on the street. Seriously. On the street

“Look, I’m not your type”

“Listen, I’ve got nothing to offer you, you just like this (pointing to her face)”

“I can’t have normal relationships with guys, that’s why I’ve been single for so long”

Just shitloads of stuff. Ah, and then some more shit testing.

“Why do you like me?”

“What do you want from me?”

I said (and this was quite smoothe) “What do I want? I want to sit you down next to that tree, and have a big ass picnic with crackers and cheese and humous, with olive oil and feta cheese, and rub your shoulders and chat with you all night…. (pause…) she smiles…

“But there’s not crackers, or humous, and it’s cold, and late…. So it wouldn’t work. But that’s what I want……(pause) …. Hey…. Let’s go back to my place. I have some food, and it’s warm, and I could still give you a massage”

She says “yea ok”

We grab a cab to mine. And then, it was just a shit storm. I don’t even want to go into it. Serious issues.

BAsiacally there was no problem giving her a massage, but anything past that was a problem

“I don’t like my body”

“I don’t feel comfortable”

“I don’t like sex”

“I’m not horny”

Blah blah. I think she actually believe some of the stuff she was saying

Ah – she was super skinny and refused to eat a muffin, saying she’d eaten some cake the day before. I suspect she was an anorexic, to top it all off. Poor girl. she was totally in her head the whole time, worried about stuff, thinking. She just couldn’t let go. She told me this was her problem. I tried coaching her a bit but wasn’t much I could do in a short time.

We fooled around a bit but nothing much happened. She talked a bit of shit about how great at head she was, but wouldn’t show me. In the morning she said “shame, I like morning sex”

Her loss… but fuck…. What’s with all the chicks with massive issues? What the fuck is going on? Where are these girls coming from? Am I a “crazy magnet?”

Where are the normal girls?

Anywho: speaking to her later she said “I’m normal, except when it comes to sex, then I’m fucked up”



A day after this, I met up again with the “ackward girl” … the one I almost hooked up with in London.… she’s on her way back to london, but seemingly wants to hook up. She’s one of those girls that just has to be dating/fucking someone all the time. Like she literally broke up with her BF, and texted me THAT day…. That’s not a good sign. Emotionally dependant I guess? Has anyone had experience with this type of girl before? It’s strange, it’s like she’s a PUA too…. She had no problem hooking up with me, right before becoming “official” with her BF a few weeks ago. (though it all went tits up)

Don’t know if I should see her really… ugh.

Anywho: This last month I’ve just been way too busy to really try and follow up with any girls. It just wasn’t a priority. Gay. I know. Gay.

Possibly, I’ve lined up a girl or two for when I get back to London.  I have been too busy to even text/facebook these girls properly. I’ve just been doing “yeh here’s my number” or “add me online” and look me up some time!

It’s kind of liberating – I don’t have to worry about shit. I don’t even remember most of the girls I say this too. Who cares? I’ll care more next week when I’m back in London. Right now… seriously … who gives a shit.

Something might happen this last weekend though.. you never know.  Bit depressing to think I did a 3 week comedy festival and just got a hand job. Ha.  If anyone’s in Edinburgh, I’m doing a mini lair talk on this Saturday…. If you know some guys that could use a kick in the ass, have them drop me a line.

I promise to start blogging regularly again when I get back to London.

Shit – it seems that girls just weren’t a priority in my life this month. It was sort of take’em or leave ’em. OMG! Am I turning into a normal person? Is this the end of SashaPua? Or I’ll be back on it next month?

Time will tell. Place your bets fuckers! hehe


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