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Attacked by a madwoman on the street!!!

Ok, uhh… this is a weird one.

So I had a bunch of dudes from my local lair come out for “Mode one night” … lots of guys came out. Some experienced guys, a few of my students, some new guys. It was cool.

I love seeing such a variety of guys coming out….  all with one thing in common. They want to meet some fucking girls!!

I did a bit of a motivational chat, explained mode one, and we went at it!

I think pretty much everyone did an approach (some of us did much more than one!)

Afterwords, We all talked about some shit we learned and a chatted about mode one a bit more and some of the stuff I’d been learning… Just as we were all bunched up on the sidewalk (we’re talking about 25 guys) this woman is passing… I said to her “50pence to pass, we’re in a gang!”

Clear joke. Obviously, simple little gag. She walks on… and I saw she actually had a good body – and I suspected she was cute so I ran up beside her (as I do….)

I never got past the word “Hello”

She attacked me. I mean proper – punching, kicking, swingin her back – while swearin’ her head off at me as well.

Calming her down wasn’t even an option. She was going mental. It was either 1) hit her, or 2) run away.

I ran away like a little girl. Actually, I’d ran away, and then gotten behing the guys.  I was like “FORM A WALL! KEep ME AWAY FROM HER!” but then she just started attacking other guys in the group. Just randomly. It was mental.  Like, fucking crazy. Seriously crazy.  One guy got a cut on his nose – and at one point her bag got caught against a lampost.  One Fellow in our group managed to calm her down. Good for him. Mircale worker.

Apparently (he explained) that she’d thought I was treating her like a prostitute .. that i was offering 50p for sex. And that after she walked off I was running up to her going “come on you slag!”

At least, that’s what happened in her head.

What can I say? There’s no accounting for crazy. Apparently, she’d had a bad day as well. Must have been pretty fucking bad.

Interestingly this is a good example of… what’s the word. Psychological filters? You know what I mean.  You can approach one girl with “Hey!” and she hears “hey!” … you can approach another girl with “Hey!” and she’ll hear “Can I fuck you for 50p, you dirty ass whore?”

My fault. I should have taken her crazy filter account before I met her :P

This experience totally fucks up one of my key lines in my talks. Where I say “I’ve done thousands of approaches, and I’ve NEVER been hit, attacked, nothing”

Shit. Well, now I’ve been attacked once. But hey – IT MAKES A FUNNY STORY!!!! SO it’s all good.

Fuck, I had a good opportunity to try this new arm bar move I’d learned up in Scotland. FUCK.

Ah well. Next time.

4 years … silly amounts of approaches… and finally …. ONE ATTACK! (From a nutter) … I hope this doesn’t put anybody off!! :P



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