Sasha Daygame in another instant date

Arrghhh… more #’s and another instant date

April 14th

Went to Yoga. It was nice. After that me and my buddy (animal guy) were walking down the street and this little hottie all dressed in black was just crossing the street. I was like “Excuse me…..” and right away I know it’s on. That fucking quick. She’s just all smiley and shit. I did the usual, said she was hot and just had a bit of a chit chat. She said she was just out for a walk, not doing anything in particular! My god she was asking for it. I have to go home and WORK on the DDS launch for fuck’s sake. ARGHHHH… But still, I get her on an instant date! Had coffee.. This girl was kinda shy… To get her to talk…. I had to use – that’s right – the question game, baby! I’ve said it before, but once again – it works every time. The ONLY gamey thing I do.

Pretty soon, I know everything about her I need to know. Everything. If I see her again, it’s overrrrrrrrrrr.  O-V-E-R. I think :P

This girl – check this – she’s only been “chatted up” twice in the last YEAR. And that’s including me. WTF!? And I’m not kidding, she’s really cute. Weird.

Anywho: Off to the gym. Coming back, it’s pretty late. I’m just about at my house… and guess what?? Yes. Smoking hot Oriental girl walking down the street. Now, there’s no one else around. It’s late. I’m on a bike. I know the %chance of success is much lower than normal. In my mind, I accept this, turn around and open.

I pull up next to her – Big smile. “Hey! I know this is a bit random… I was just coming home from the gym (I point to my shorts) and I live right over there… and I saw you as I cycled past you and I thought “this girl is just waaaaay too cute not to talk to. So… hi!”

She beams with a massive smile.

As per my usual, I just can’t be fucked to waste any time. I say to her “You’re too cute to be single. You must have a boyfriend right?”

She says “Nope, I don’t have one!”

Note: Many “PUA” types would say I’m crazy for even asking them. To a degree they are right, and you will get more pussy not asking. Me: fuck it. I don’t bang chicks with BF’s, and I don’t want to invest time and find out there’s a BF later, so I just find out immediately. Furthermore, it’s very complimentary to just assume girls have one. Right? so that’s how I roll.

Anywho after this is was just a bit of comfort (She’s from Thailand, been here a year, studying English, lives around the corner from me.) Bit of flirting. I ask her if she wants to come up for some tea, but she has to study for an exam tomorrow. I have her call my phone and she agrees to meet up soon. I give her a big hug.

She was so fucking hot. Oh – she was my age! Though she looked 19. Seriously. Unreal.


Fuck man. I had ZERO INTENTION of meeting any women today. ZERO. I don’t actually have time for dates this month with the Direct Dating Summit DVD launch coming up!

Ah well. They can be my “breaks” ;)


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