Are You Still Treating Women Like Hookers?

Yeah, I don’t usually have “hookers” in the subject titles – but crazy times call for crazy measures.


I just put out this video a couple of days ago, and it really got me thinking about how sad it is that most guys still believe on some deep level, they have to use money to get women.


It’s sad, but not surprising.


You see, society embeds in us this idea that we need money to be successful. That we must be “successful” (and spend that money) to attract women.


I’ve got all kinds of unbelievable stories I’ve collected over the years of guys doing ALL sorts of RIDICULOUS things to try and get women – including becoming doctors, getting penis enlargement procedures (yes, really) to just plain getting girls drunk and dragging them back to their pads for what many would consider to be borderline rape.


I find it shocking (and sometimes scary!)


You may be surprised that I don’t actually blame guys for this.


This is all just programming we get from society. If society taught us that self-development is necessary and gave us healthy mindsets, things wouldn’t be this messed up.


That’s why trusting society – believing society has your best interests at heart, is in my opinion the dumbest thing you can do to yourself.


Because society only want you to do 2 things:


Conform, and spend money.


That is it.


Got it?


So is it any wonder that most men haven’t the slightest idea that they need develop themselves in order to attract a beautiful women? No surprise there either.

How is it that in our society, it’s “normal” to be unhealthy?

To drink and smoke and eat foods that are toxic to us?


To work a job that we hate in order to pay bills that keep us inside of a system that hates us and drains us of our life force?


A society where men are taught ‘get drunk so you can work up the courage to come onto a woman’ is totally acceptable?


Should it be a shock that MILLIONS of guys out there have quit dating all together, some even starting movements where they vow to never speak to women again?


This is what happens when money is king.


This is what happens when guys don’t realize that they must truly find themselves, accept themselves, and LOVE THEMSELVES in order to find a partner.


When we aren’t told anything of developing our own self worth.. should we be surprised to wake up in this insane world we are in right not?


This is what happens when men have no self respect, and go around TRAINING women to be hookers, by treating them like hookers.



Guys think it’s easier that way. But guess what:



As soon as you try and use money to get women, you are saying “Hey! I haven’t done ANY personal development. I don’t know why I’m on the planet, I’m never present in the moment, and I certainly don’t like myself very much…..and I am SO lost that I thought I’d just reduce you to a prostitute by offering you $$$ for your company.”




Have some respect for yourself – Just go and get a hooker.  Then it will just cost you a couple of hundred dollars, and no more. You won’t end up marrying a woman who just wants your money.


Just spend a night with a prostitute, and then you won’t live your whole life treating ALL WOMEN as prostitutes. Can you imagine what that does to your psyche?


Treating a WOMAN like a HOOKER is SOO disrespectful. But not to her – TO YOURSELF. What does that SAY about YOU? How pathetic are YOU that you believe that to be true?

What kind of low life are YOU to believe WOMEN are so scummy as to go home with you because you got them dinner, or a few drinks?


If you still believe you need money to get women, you must reverse that belief before even begin trying to get women into your life. Otherwise, you’ll always attract EXACTLY the wrong types of women to you.

You’ll end up hating women.

And you’ll likely end up broke, too.




If you want to have an amazing relationship


If you want to have vibrant health and feel amazing in your body


If you want to be financially independent to do what you want with your life


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and Society isn’t going to help you.


Whether you know it or not, you are on a quest.


A quest to better yourself and win the ultimate prize – to have an amazing life filled with adventure, fun, and passion. (And yes, that involves having beautiful women by your side… that you are not paying to be there!)


It’s not EASY – but it sure is worth it.


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Click here to watch MEN: Stop Treating Women Like Hookers


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