Are you living your life

Are you living your life – FULL TALK – released!

If you liked this video, I’ve got some good news for you…..

I’ve just released the FULL TALK that this video was based on. Are you living your life ?

You can get it right here:

If you’ve already downloaded this, or you were there – Please leave your comments or questions. I’ll be watching! In fact – THE BEST or most interesting comment will win a 30 min skype consult with ME! (Yeah, that is worth over $200!)



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  • TheFreak says:

    You don’t make a good impression on me, Sasha, not approving my previous comment, and you know that!

  • TheFreak says:

    … How do we know, Sasha, that you’re not tricking us into thinking you tell the truth but you’re not? (With all your stuff where you say the government, the “others”, the industry or whoever is telling us lies to get the most profit out of us.) How do we know, you’re not making all that stuff up, make it sound really good and genuine, so that in the end we’ll purchase lots of your offers (basically like the industry etc.)? ;)

  • Josh says:

    Man I could really use that talk! 1 year without and counting.

  • DJohnson says:


    I tried to get it but it’s no longer available. AHHH!!!
    If there’s a way to get it. Let me know.

  • Marky says:

    Spurred on by your talk I just went for it and finally approached a hot chick for the first time. Though far from perfect it worked – got her number and she said thats the cutest thing that has happened to her in a long time (JUST LIKE YOU SAID – OMG). Now its time to refine and improve.

  • Andre says:

    That talk was “awesome sauce”. Got straight to the heart of the issue: society ain’t gonna take care of you, so here’s your permission to step up and change your life.

    And these skills don’t expire once you’re married folks. Maybe you want a special friend for your wife, maybe you want some nice scenery around the pool, or maybe even you want a raise or a better job. Just be direct you guys. Nobody is going to smack or fire you for honest, respectful communication.

  • Matt says:

    I’ve just listened to this and if this does not motivate you to pick yourself up and create the life you dream of, nothing will.

    It’s not just a gamey pick up talk, this is a life coaching talk.

    Sasha articulates what many of us were already thinking in a powerful, funny and slightly crazy way. He discusses the world, why we do the things we do and how to get what you want from the world.

    Just buy it, it wont kill you and it might just change your life.

    it’s worth the 9 bucks or whatever the price is.

  • Italo says:

    This is a great talk Sasha. The stuff about seizing control of your life is dead on. Young guys especially should heed what he says.

    I just quit a career in which I worked up the corporate ladder to a “good” job with a good salary and you know what it got me? Jack shit and less ass than I had in my 20’s. I’m 35 now and I can honestly say that the 6 years I spent working up to what society considers success was an epic waste of time. I gained 20 lbs. My confidence suffered. My life suffered.

    Fuck… that… shit!

    I used to actually be decent with girls too… and I basically threw it all away for the privilege of wearing a suit and tie and having another douchebag in a suit and tie dump on me and take credit for my work. Most of the time I was too tired to even go out, much less try to pick up women. Nothing can or will destroy you the way traditional success does. Looking back on it now… it fuckin kills me. I used to take trips abroad every year and meet people… have fun… enjoy life. I used to fuck hot chicks god dammit! Not even all that long ago.

    Anyhow… everything this video says is true. Live YOUR life. Fearlessly. Relentlessly. Unapologetically. Make it fucking happen! Is it scary? Yes. Is it hard? Fuck yes it is. Do it anyway!

    As for me… I’m gonna go chase some dreams and a little ass too. (God I miss that “new pussy” smell)

    Stay cool

    p.s. And don’t fuck fat girls! Sure they give good head but you’re just gonna hate yourself afterwards. Pretty much immediately afterwards.

    • Admin says:

      Well said bro. Great comment! Fuck what was the corporate job?? Hope you saved up some of that cheese, at least … buy you some time to chase some tail!

      Hope to meet you at a live talk one day ;)


  • Marko says:

    Youtube has to think that I am crazy because I watched it almost every 2-3 days because it’s just so powerful and really touches me. I could list thousands positive little things that happened to me because of Sasha’s videos, especially this one. Great conversations, many smiles, connections or just amazing blow jobs. The only negative thing is, that I should have seen this video in 2010 or something just to have even more great experiences but on the other side we can feel grateful that Sasha gave us this opportunity to see maybe more than 10years of his experiences to get “amazing” in a 3minute video that can change lives. Real inspiration for me. My goal is to give something back one day. To give back excactly this what Sasha gave me….. the true and happy life.

    • Admin says:

      DUDE – REALLy happy to hear you’ve allowed yourself to be moved so much by my stuff! Ego boost!! ;)

      Yeah just pass it on brother, that’s the name of the game!

      Much love…


  • joseluisva says:

    First of all. The video it’s AWESOME !!!. The Full TALK is incredible unbelievable. I love it. Thank you!

    When I watched this video, I couldn’t believe what you were saying. It was a punch on my face. My emotions have bad days, and this video has been to me one of my important support. There are days when I have watch this. I watched it everyday, YES, everyday for one week or until I felt better.

    I was curious about the Brownie Ware’s book and I bought it in spanish version. hahaha When I bought it, the book arrived in spanish one month before, AWESOME haha. :)

    The book is so fantastic. I love the book

    I started to approach girls when I saw Sasha in his talk in Mexico City.I started to follow all of his advices like “Approach the first gorgeous girl you see everyday”.

    For me this talk is so important because it changed my life, he changes my life. YEAH German people can to travel to wherever they want, Mexican people need visa to go to USA, Canada, Russia, Spain, England. Mexican only can travel without visa to no rich countries. Of course Mexican can go to Brasil to watch Soccer World Cup, B.S.

    In this days, circumstances control me, i know that it is so bad because always there is a choice. The people who I love, treat me badly and I try to find in them something validation or support but they don’t give me it. My Dad wants to be love him but he ignores me when i have a problem. He doesn’t hug me when i need a hug. “Put your happiness first” – Sasha, It’s a good quote and I try to find it.

    I’m confuse in what I do. In what job I want to work. I loved Sports, I finished my course to be a Sportscaster but now, I don’t like to watch tv, I don’t like to live my life all day on a computer or internet smartphones checking sports news. It is like to live in another reality, virtual world. I think I watched sports all day because I lived in another place and I didn’t pay attention in my world.

    Days ago, I bought Amsterdam Seminar product by Sasha, it is amazing. Check it. Dates advices, Daygame theory and the difference between being normal or being yourself, being normal or being natural. “Go for what you want.” CHECK IT

    I met an amazing French PUA in Mexico City three weeks ago. He is follower of Real Social Dynamics. We did daygame. He is living a great adventure around the world. Check what he wrote last days:


    Left Mexico City at 6 in the morning in Monday with 1 dollar in my pocket. Credit card refuse to work.

    Fuck it. Left anyway. Direction MAZUNTE the beach 800 km away.

    I start hitch hiking and quickly get a ride out of town. Then luckily I get a 6 hour ride all the way to Huatulco. It’s 7.30. I am 4 hour from my destination in a deserted gass station.

    Then Giovani approach me. A 25 year old Mexican surfer, working on the side of the road. After a brief talk he offers me some cookies and a hammock for the night. I accept and spend the night in a hammock next to Him and his Boss Tonio.

    In the morning we walk to the beach and share a fresh fish breakfast with the local fisherman.

    On the way back to his place we hitch a ride, and turns out this car is going exactly where I am going. BOOM

    NOW HERE I AM, in Mazunte, surfing powerful barrel, playing guitar in bars, and meeting incredible people.


    People make a lot of excuses. I’m making it but step by step, I’m changing in the person who I want to become. Maybe I have problems today but I know that problems are a learn and grow experiences.

    THANK YOU SASHA, THANK YOU BORIS, (Sasha and Boris podcast is very good) THANK YOU Chris. A big hug for all of you ;)

  • Barr says:

    Men are seriously deluded if they think a talk can actually change there life. It takes a substantial amount of hard work, persistence and courage. Any motivation you get from a speech of this kind will be short lived unless you act on it.

    • Admin says:

      Agreed. Listening ain’t enough. But a speech – if it makes you TAKE ACTION – can change your life.

      I get emails all the time from guys that have changed their lives just from watching my vids! But for each of them, there’s 1000 who’ve watched them and done nothing.

      I’m trying to change that though…. ;)

  • Matt says:

    This talk was exactly what I needed. Went out today and finally started making approaches using direct daygame. Wouldn’t you know it, I number closed the SECOND girl I opened! She was really cute too. What’s funny about it though, is I considered this a warm up approach, even though she was smiling and enjoying the conversation. So about 30 seconds into, I said it was nice meeting you and started to walk away, no close… I started to walk away however, she said, “Wellllll, is this where we part ways?” Instantly brought me back in! Ended up chatting for a couple more minutes and number closed. Texting now and we’ll see where it goes. Just goes to show how powerful being direct is. Even when you think you’re screwing up, she’s still attracted to you just because of your approach! Thanks again for this awesome talk Sasha. Really helped.

    • Admin says:

      Good work brother, but don’t stop there!

      And don’t do “warm-ups!” Just talk to whoever you want, when you want because it makes both of you FEEL GOOD! :)


  • Jason says:

    Hey, Sasha. The $9.00 was well-spent! I’m so sick of living my life like a depressed pussy and not taking what is rightfully mine–abunance with women, a career I love, travel, etc. Thank you for giving me the kick in the ass I needed. All I want to be is radically authentic, and you’ve helped me to understand not only is that possible, but it’s the only way to live!

  • William says:

    Holy Shit! Scared the FUCK out of me!!! More like a kick in the balls than in my fat ass. But, now what happens when I turn eighty…I wonder what my last words will be?

  • Phillip says:

    I have been waiting a LONG time for this talk to be released and HOLY SHIT!! Sasha, this is exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. The main thing I got out of this talk is facing your fears and becoming a real, authentic man. Behind every fear is the person that you always wanted to be. Sasha, you are one of the main inspirations in my life, no joke. I wish someday I can actually shake your hand for giving me that motivational push to improve all aspects of my life. In my personal opinion out of all the “PUA”s out there, you ARE the best, hands down. Anyways Sasha, thank you so much for releasing this talk. I will start facing my fears by talking to beautiful women and simply giving them a compliment. I know I’ve said this already, but Sasha I can’t thank you enough.Take care and keep being awesome!


    • Admin says:

      Hey buddy, great comment, really appreciate it! ;)

      As you’re aware I don’t really consider myself a PUA anymore but, I do appreciate the sentiment ;)


  • James says:

    This talk shows that we are all already dead. Nothing differentiates 1000 years ago from today. Nor 1000 years from today. As I said to the prostitute after the 6 seconds was over, “I may appear to be a young man filled with hope and never ending potential, but I am really an old man filled with regret waiting to die alone.”

    • Admin says:

      that’s a very Samrurai way of looking at it – but can be empowering if you use that realisation the right way…..


  • Daniel says:

    That was definitely worth choosing not to eat out yesterday, which was the deal I made with myself to buy it. Made that money back instantly. All my big takeaways were about how focus gets applied in other areas of your life. I’ve done entrepreneurial stuff before, and I have ideas for other projects, but this talk gave me perspective and organization on how to go about making things happen effectively for me. -That’s- my biggest takeaway. And I suspect it’ll have far reaching effect over time, cause it gave me simple structure.

    I realized the times I’ve done something and it’s been wildly successful, I didn’t really spend time on planning, prep, or training. I hacked away at something, or some part of it, that resulted in a finished product. Something I could work with or build off of. Any training, prep, or knowledge you think you need to do something, it’s useless unless you already have something in-progress to connect it to. You focus on what you want and do it regardless of how capable you are, and keep attacking it til some version of it is finished (cause you can do it again later to get a higher skill version), then you get what you want and anything you needed to know to get there will have taken care of itself.

    Spend my time on the bits that are gonna help me most in getting something I want, and check myself if I get off-track because being focused makes me FEEL when something’s not serving what I want. And it’s awesome, cause you feel engaged in what you’re doing. And when you’re feeling engaged in something, any distraction that’s not helping you there is easy to dismiss. I never cared about any TV show when I was occupied by something that really captivated me, I knew I could see it some other time in the rest of my life! Those distractions only become appealing again when you relax your focus and it drifts out of mind. Then you don’t have a drive in mind so naturally anything seems like a fine use of your time. You got nothing to check yourself against.

    I’ve done it all right before, and now that I’ve realized it, I know how to co-opt that experience into the rest of my life, and any future stuff I do. Thanks for making this public Sasha. I don’t know how long it would have taken to pin down those realizations at my then-momentum. Worth every cent and minute. Also, I cooked some really fuckin’ tasty spicy tilapia while listening to it, so I have a cheap and delicious new recipe! :D Olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and some spicy blend I was given. 375 F bake for 20 minutes. Better than what I was gonna order out anyway.

    • Admin says:

      Hahah great comment, and highly amusing the little narratives on saving money/new recipe.

      Yeah very happy it’s kicked your ass a little. Now go put it to use…making fish!

  • Tyler Blevins says:

    Sasha, this talk inspired me in so many ways, but the biggest way is it made me realize that I cannot and will NOT be a slave to my emotions if I want to live the life I want to live. Immediately after I finished listening to the talk, I wrote down every goal I want to accomplish in my lifetime, such as, “I want to get a Master’s degree because I want to be the first person in my family to succeed in higher education; I want to be good enough to train in kung fu at the Shaolin Temple, just as James did; I want to save up enough money to go on the Euro tour with you guys before you retire, etc.” The biggest thing holding me back right now is a battle I’m in with anxiety and depression. After going for a walk today and looking at my list again, I realized, “Fuck this, fuck my nerves, fuck being burnt out, fuck everything! No matter how shitty I feel, I am going to get my degree in May, I’m going to commit to doing my job right, and I am going to claw my way out of this pit and be happy again NO MATTER WHAT! Basically, it reawakened my fighting spirit to get my shit together to be the man I want to be and to never ever ever ever give up. Period.

    • Admin says:

      FUCK YEAH BRO!!!! Best comment so far I think…. THIS is why I put this talk out there – to help gets TAKE HOLD and take RESPONSIBILITY for their lives!!!

      You bro, much love and keep us posted what happens ;)


  • Rico says:


    I absolutely loved the talk, just what I needed it.

    8 months ago I was doing your stuff running to girls on the street, affronting rejection and wearing yellow chicken pants (stylish) to overcome the public judgment that we have embedded on our brains due society. Then I met this lovely girl “The one” and stopped approaching and start thinking on the future, kids, mortgage, money to afford my girl, etc …. man I am fucking 23 … FUCK!!!

    7 months later, she destroy my hear and leave me in the worst emotional shape that I ever been … the worst part is that she was waiting until marriage/super religious and well I didn’t have nor sex or any other things … NOTHING for 7 months … I was trying to be “the perfect” boyfriend.

    I wont lie – relationships changed you – I was becoming needy and annoying.

    Any who, after a month of that tragic part of my life I saw the email refreshing my memory on the famous you tube video that you posted like a million years ago. I felt a slap on my face waking me up to do what I suppose to do … work on my shit ‘cuz nobody will, so I forced myself to go back on the streets and be who I was.

    I approached a hottie this morning while I was with my friends on the mall getting clothes … 3 min approach, my friends where like “You are back, bro … my hero” hahaha

    Thanks man for slapping my face and reminding me that I need to live life and time runs out :)

    – Rico.

    • Admin says:

      Yess Bosssss – dude 7 months are you SERIOUS!!!!!!

      You were needy even to get into a relationship with some one that brainwashed. HOLY COW!!! You should have been out of there after a week (as SOON as you knew the deal) …. FUUUUUUUUUK!!!

      Well, don’t let it happen again – or I’ll punch you in the face.

      Glad you’re back though, Keep at it! ;)


  • Morten Høj says:

    This talk changed me in many ways which cannot be explained in one comment. Sasha has awakened something in me several times but never like this. It gets kickstarted deep inside of me everytime I watch his videos, but always go back down. Like an engine drowning itself.

    I have a feeling this time will be different. I am so grateful I got into this early (20) so I won’t end up miserable and dried up in 20 years.
    Although the talk is mixed with humour, the underlying topic is dead serious. It teaches you all you need to know to have the life you dream of.

    It’s funny how being bold with women is the gateway to an amazing life. It’s a general disease in western men today that Sasha eradicates if you are willing to listen :)

    • Admin says:

      What? Me jokes?? ;)

      Yeah you ARE lucky hearing this stuff at your age. You’re going to have a good ride ;)


  • michael says:

    great talk , what i took from this talk is the realisation of the fact that there are so many women out there who are just waiting for us to make the move … while we are staying in our head , in fact the fact that you are approaching the girl and say what you feel (without any lines or routines) is already sexy and confident and makes you authentic.
    its not about how perfect your game … is about how you are face with the knowing that you are going to have some mistakes or rejection and still go out there despite the fear and keep try achieving your goal – this is courage .

  • Dane Reisenbigler says:

    When I was a child my mom asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up” this was a loaded question.. I told her “I want to be a story teller” and I showed her some funny comics I made and some writing I had done. She turned to me, got on her knees, and said “You can’t be a writer… you have to be a businessman so you can take care of a family.. like your dad does.. no one can make a lucrative (yes she used this word) career out of writing.. it just isn’t possible Dane” I nodded and walked away unaware of what a mark this would leave on me. This was when I took my parent’s guidance as gospel… Now I know my mom didn’t mean anything bad.. she just was looking out for my security.. but instead of being interested in my happiness she focused on money… assuming that I wanted a regular life… I graduated college with a degree in something I dont care about.. I figured out that I don’t want this lifestyle.. I want to be a comedy writer.. so I started performing stand up.. my parents hated it but I kept going.. I eventually became a regular at a local comedy club while working a deadend job.. from there I saved up my money to both take a trip over the summer then move to Chicago…

    This video reminds me of why I keep pushing forward.. There are some days I wonder if I made the right choice.. then I remember where I was and where I am now.. I have you, Sasha, to thank for making these changes.. you approach women with such confidence.. Even the way you speak in your video is riddled with un nerving self-assurance.. Thank you again and again thank you.. After this video I went out on the street, feeding off the vibes from the video I jumped in front of girl and told her she looked amazing today.. I’m taking her to a stand up show tonight.. Thank you.. You are the man

    • Admin says:

      Hey brewski! Got your message on FB – sounds like you’ve been doing really well since Eurotour ;)

      You’re welcome – keep living the dream and looking forward to catching up when I’m in North America next summer!

  • Matt says:

    two things:

    1) Most people who let fear get the best of them don’t realize that “It’s not that bad”, and

    2) When you do let fear get the best of you you aren’t just doing a disservice to yourself, but to everyone around you.

    It’s like, we all put ourselves in these prisons in our heads, and by not growing some balls and telling a girl that she’s beautiful we not only keep ourselves locked in our own prisons, but we prevent helping the girl get out of her own as well. We have the key, but we choose not to use it. We choose the situation in which we feel ‘trapped’ or liberated.

  • Love says:

    I listened to this talk a year ago. And it changed my life!!! I got out of an almost depression, because i was doing indirect wrong. I started doing direct and my confidence shot through the roof. It got me so confident i broke records in my job for sales in the whole country. I started writing for a dating website and wrote more than a 100 pages just about how much gain you can get out of this whole thing. It’s hard to summarise 100 pages in one comment.

    But in essence it changed my life and for a long time it was what i was listening to every day. So it’s amazing that i can finally hear this speech in full.

    • Admin says:

      Hey man great comment, super happy to hear it made such a difference. Were you at the talk in Germany or do you mean you were listening to the shorter youtube version?

      Fucking awesome you started killing it at work, too! BOOM!! :)

  • Pablo Rubiano says:

    I had a strok back un january 2013, A friend of mine showed me partir of the tall that was realised previously and un completely changed muy percepción of life, i started carring mucho more about myself and i’ve reached tan incredible level of happiness. It has put me on some trouble bit it has tottaly worth it. I had the opportunity ti purchase the full talk and it justo cleared some questions i still had. The most powerfull partir for me was the eye oppening explanation of this fucked up world de Live in. The system has really make us ” happy” slaves! Tome to chance and shine!! Make the rest of tour life, the best of tour life!

  • Thomas says:

    There’s some brutal honesty here. What really resonated with me was that no one is trying to stop you from growing. It’s just yourself. Your pussy little self. Shooting ourselves in the foot everyday…

    • Admin says:

      Yes Exactly – that’s a big realisation on it’s own!!! ;)
      Basically means you can do whatever you want to with your life. RIGHT? ;)

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