Approaching While Looking Like Sh*t

Let me ask you a question… WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? ;-P

No dummy, I don’t want to start sexting you – I want to know, DO YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT RIGHT NOW?

Are you at home in sweatpants? Gym clothes? Your old favorite ripped t-shirt?

Have you just rolled out of bed after a night of drinking?

Do you have the flu?

Would your mother be concerned if she saw you right now?

If you said “NO” then maybe your an upstanding citizen who likes to dress nicely all the time and always put his best foot forward!

But if you said “YES” then TODAY’S VIDEO IS FOR YOU!!!

Today I talk about why you should ALWAYS APPROACH, EVEN WHEN you LOOK LIKE TOTAL CRAP!

Now, if you’ve been a Sasha fan for years you know that Sasha’s sense of fashion has never really been his strong suit. I’ve never heard Sasha say to me “DUUUDE! My outfit totally got me laid last night!”


In fact, if you go through our archives you can see that in MANY situations Sasha is dressed as poorly as I am in today’s video (and what you can’t SEE in the video is the SMELL – dude was traveling around the world in a van for years…).

He just NEVER GAVE A FUCK about it.

Today I explain HOW THAT WORKS!

-Why should you ALWAYS APPROACH regardless of how you look that day?

-How can approaching when you look crappy actually make you appear MORE ATTRACTIVE than otherwise?


Be sure to Like the video on YouTube, and leave your comment because I read and respond. Let’s get a discussion going!

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