Sasha Daygame in sex swingers

(Anti) sex swingers party gayness

I’m back in Toronto.

There was this event on in Toronto. It’s like, a swingers club but one night a week they open it up to straight guys. Also, there’s a bunch of girls from a massage parlour there. So, naturally me and some homies hit it up to mack on the girls.

Mainly they were there just soliciting, it was BS. Though I did molest one girl a bit who’s number I got. Think she was just after money though but we’ll see :P

Couple of funny moments:

Everyone’s in a towel, there’s some topless girls running around, and a few naked dudes.
I’m Standing by the bar talking to my buddy.
I feel some sudden wetness on my foot. I say to him “Okay, either someone just spilt a bit of their drink….or we just got ejaculated on”

Another one was standing next to your buddies in a pool naked, realizing if you got a hard on they’re going to see it. As well as everyone else.

Oh – and who invited the fat chicks? Once again it just goes to show you – men are so sad, they’ll accept anything just because it has a vagina. Men: Stop having sex with fat girls – you’re telling them it’s OK to be fat. If they stopped getting laid, maybe they’d lose the weight and become cute girls. Better, no?

Funny to watch, even guys who’ve paid to be somewhere where there are (essentially professional prostitutes)… they still don’t approach. They were mainly standing around being ackward.

My buddy (ex-student of mine) came along and banged one of the girls for hours… Just went direct, and instant pulled her upstairs and that was that. Came back at like 2.30am. Good for him. There is hope! Still, don’t think I’ll be going to any more of those… certainly not without a babe in hand! lol

Extra bonus: Ran into Johnny Soporno as I was leaving. HIlarous.


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