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Ryan Black sat down with me to discuss a variety of different topics and we’re calling it the Anti-Conspiracy Podcast. Check it out:



If you want the full expanded notes.. Here they are:


Notes, Evidence & Further Research
02:30 Mainstream media all reading from same script
03:00 Thousands of US Media outlets owned by same 6 companies
06:15 The 1947 National Security Act destroyed freedom of the press in the US
07:00 NPR influenced by corporate donors and federal government, president and CEO Kevin Klose was formerly director of US propaganda effort Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
08:30 War, US Hegemony & Profiteering
11:00 Nazi History of the CIA
12:00 Christopher Simpson’s “Blowback”
13:40 CIA protected high-level Nazis such as Eichmann with new identities in Argentina
14:50 CIA destabilised left wing democratically-elected governments in South America for decades
16:25 The CIA – Mafia connection
17:10 The Mafia connection to the JFK assassination
18:15 Oswald trained by CIA
19:30 Oswald worked in New Orleans on bio-warfare
20:30 Polio vaccine “bargain basement technology” contaminated with viruses
22:20 “Dr Mary’s Monkey” and
22:30 Dr Maurice Hilleman interview
28:00 Vaccine court has paid out over $3 Billion
29:30 Definition of “effective”
30:30 MMS cured malaria in Red Cross field trial in Uganda
32:20 Man charged for selling MMS in US
35:50 Alternative doctors being killed
37:10 The truth of Andrew Wakefield’s MMR study
39:30 Connection between MMR, gut inflammation and autism
40:30 Dr Tent on autoimmune caused by vaccines
42:00 Squalene and Gulf War Syndrome

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