Angry Doggie Syndrome – Have You Got It?


These last few days I’ve been staying at an apartment with one angry doggie.

It’s just YAP YAP YAP, day in, day out.I call it the Angry Doggie Syndrome. If you come into the house, stand up, walk around or do ANYTHING he just goes crazy.

At the bottom is a video of the angry little bastard

I know dogs are supposed to protect the household – but this little guy has just got WAY too much to prove. And it makes it almost impossible to be around him.

(Seriously, I LOVE dogs – but I actually considered picking him up and throwing him off the balcony!!!)

He’s just like those little angry guys that pick fights all the time.

They’ve got a lot to prove too…

But it’s not the people they upset they’re really trying to prove it to – it’s themselves.

Because they don’t truly love who they are. And as long as that’s the case – you can never – ever succeed with women.

This is why TONS of guys go out there, do 100’s of approaches and get NOWHERE

The women know something’s up…

If you don’t even love yourself, why should she?

Once you really know who you are – you start to love yourself.

I had this exact same problem too… until I realized the ultimate truth:

I am enough.


Angry Doggie Syndrome gone!

Once the Angry Doggie Syndrome is gone, you can just “be” and the girls are just attrected to YOU because you’re comfortable with yourself.

And THAT is a great place to be.

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