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I’ve been meaning to email you for a considerable amount of time now just to let you know what a great mentor and informal support system you have been to me (without knowing it). Its been just over a year exactly since I joined your mailing list (August 3rd 2012 to be exact) and can’t tell you how much has changed for me within that time frame. Before I discovered you I was pulling indirect bullshit on women that I can honestly say has had no contest to the results I am pulling with direct game. And I don’t just just mean with women… I mean with everything.

Becoming your best self has been a line that has stuck in my head since the day you preached it. Everything I do- from approaching women and getting good with women, working, sport, reading, writing- you name it I make sure I put 100% attention in to it to GET GOOD AT IT. I think one of the biggest flaws that I have uncovered after listening, watching and teaching myself direct game was to think a girl has a particular law she goes by. And what I mean by that is I think most of us who haven’t discovered the secret yet still think we think we know what girls want-and its not us. WRONG! only if I had know earlier all I had to do was approach, make a connection and pull the trigger she would say “sure lets meet up”. Every time this happens I have a huge smile on my face and a few of them always ask “why do you keep smiling” and I only reply to myself- “because I discovered the secret”.

I am not sure if I should call it a secret or not, just like you say “its not a game” its just being natural, being human, BEING YOURSELF and looking in the mirror and saying “fuck yeah, I like that guy” and learning to love yourself. Anyone I come across today who I see struggling like I once did I always pass that exact message on to them (oh, and also tell them “you need some Sasha Daygame in you”) lol.

In all seriousness I wanted to send this email to thank you and I continue to look forward to the journey of learning to BECOMING MY BEST SELF. Yes I have to admit I am one of those who you called out many times for not commenting or responding to your mail or blog messages :p. But I must say this. The day you think no one is listening or thinking about the message you tell the world through your newsletters, bootcamps and talks- they are. I have read every single newsletter you sent out and even attended a talk in Toronto in January of this year (sorry I couldn’t be there for the 2013 DDS but you better believe if you do make a DVD like you did for the London one I’ll be the first to buy it). But always know on the other side of that send button there are those who are listening, watching and practicing Becoming Their Best Self.

Thanks again for the motivation brewski.

Hope you get a chance to read this.



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