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An honest and goal orientated man

Hey, it’s Boris

Sasha asked me to share some good advice with you, so that you start to approach women successfully today and because I cannot say no to him here are some tips to help you out.

Here’s what I’ve got:


      Before you are leaving the house I would like to ask you to take your time and think about what kind of woman you are looking for and what your goal is? Do you want a relationship, multiple girlfriends or a short term romance or just to overcome your fear of approaching women or practicing your conversation skills? If you have a clear goal that you are following it will make everything so easier. Also take some time to find out who you are as well. So instead of approaching dozens of women take your time at home and really think about the character trades you are searching in a woman. This list is not made for eternity you probably going to change things up once in a while but it gives you a roadmap to find the woman you are really interested in. You going to start screening for the women that you truly like and they are going to feel appreciated because they going to see that they are something special for you and not just a number. Every woman wants to feel special.

2: Get rid of any expectation. If you are going out just for the reason to talk to women you putting too much pressure up on yourself. If you go out with the goal to approach 10 women today you will be in tension the entire time or even worse to set up a date like on Saturday I’m going to do it and you going to think about it for the entire week. And if you not manage to talk to 10 women on Saturday you are going to beat yourself up because you didn’t accomplish your goal. Or what I also saw in guys is that they are trying to compete against themselves or some friends. You should never see it as a competition or you are going to lose all the time. Let’s say you talked to three girls on Friday and you set up a new goal that you will try to talk to five girls on Saturday but you only manage to talk to three again. You will beat yourself up because you didn’t improve and you actually going to fall back in your development. Instead your aim should be to live your daily life and if you see a woman you like to go over and talk to her. If you went out to get the milk and you see a woman you like it will appear more natural. Trust me she will feel the difference if you talked to 50 girls before or you start talking to her because you really like her.
So after the mindsets let’s get started with some practical advice

3: Women from western countries react very positive to direct but only if it’s not coming across as a pick up line and it’s totally sincere. You should probably know by now that pick up lines are bullshit. So the best way of making a first good impression is just honesty. Remember how women say that you should be just yourself and be honest. This is what they mean, ;). So basically you should start your conversation with a Preframe. You can use it to show your social intelligence and give the woman time to check you out. An example would be: ,, Hey I see you are doing grocery shopping, but…” . After that you deliver your compliment. The best way of giving her a compliment is to just say the first thought on your mind. If you are more specific then the compliment has more power. You should know what you are attracted to. Let’s say if you are an ass guy and you see a woman with an ass you like and it’s the first thought that pops up in your mind. Then say something like this : ,, Hey I know you are going to punch me in the face, but you have an amazing ass”. Women have a SIXT sense if you are bullshitting them so don’t bullshit them and just be honest, ;).

4: Especially in Germany lot’s of girls will say in the first seconds of your interaction that they have a boyfriend or if you say it to all the girls. Basically it’s an reaction like a child would steal and get caught and say it wasn’t me, since it’s a not common social situation. The best way of dealing with it is just to come up with your own autopilots. I have a friend and he is using a pretty funny one if the girl say she has a boyfriend he just say to her: ,, It’s okay I’m black!”.
5: Lots of times she is going to say that she is busy or in a hurry. So use your social intelligence again and look how fast she is going before you start your interaction. Most of the time it’s just an excuse so just use an autopilot again : ,, Before you are running out of my live forever answer me one question…” . If she is really in a hurry then go and get her contact details quickly so you can get to know her later.

6: In western countries and especially in Germany the ability of women to talk to a stranger is pretty much undeveloped. But it’s not the fault of the women that we live in society there it’s not common to talk to strangers. So if you truly trying to connect on a deeper level and she is giving you only short answers. The best solution is to see what kind of woman she is. You will get the feeling really quickly during the interaction. So if she is more confident it’s ok to build up pressure on her with silence and just staring till she cracks and keep talking about herself and investing more in your conversation. But if she is a shy girl the better way to do it is to basically share first and make it easier for her to talk about herself. Don’t forget a conversation is not a job interview. You have to share some stuff about yourself as well to give her the opportunity to find out who you are.
7: You should not be afraid of running out of things to say. It’s okay to take a break during the conversation and not to say anything. It creates sexual tension between both of you. Also the best way of dealing with it is again just being honest. “Hey I totally run out of things to say, you can talk for a moment”. If you call out any uncomfortable situation it’s going to destroy all its power. Plus people will take their time and listen to you. If you don’t believe me try it out and stop some people in the street and just say “ Excuse me I don’t want to be weird or anything but….AAAAAHHHHH ( till they go)”. You are not going to believe how long people will staying still and waiting for your to say something.

8: Be persistent! If you are a man who goes for what he want you have to be able to be persistent and not giving up on the fist obstacle she will throw at you. She is going to test you if you really want her. And if you do you would fight for her. Can you imagine how life would be if you would give up on the first obstacle you encounter? You would not be able to achieve anything. Here is a good example; after you stop her she is moving away but with a playful smile on her face then wait for three seconds and strike up the conversation again… and again… and again. The game is over if she really say no with a serious face. Remember there is a fine line between being persistent and being a stalker, :)

So I can write for ages but for today it should be enough. Now you have to just turn off the computer and go out in the world and put this tips into action. You already have my permission and the permission of the women out there waiting for you. Now it’s just up to you…


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