Sasha Daygame in text escalation

An example of fast text escalation

Alright so – Just a quick recap of DENVER COLORODO! I have 2 lovely students there. They were boSS. Finding hot chicks was a bit of a struggle, I admit that. But it was fun.

Met up with a couple of girls -first night a very cute 19 year old. That’s a different story on it’s own, heh… but on night numero dos, I went direct on this tall blonde….. she’s with a friend so there just wasn’t time. Her friend was like “Take her number!” which helps.

I get her number, and then we had THE thilthiest texts…. you’ll notice I go STRIAGHT INTO FUCKING FILTH based on one text she sent me. Note also, we spoke for maybe 90 seconds when i met her, tops.

Me: “Save this number, it’s the most important number you’re ever going to get ;)” … (straight from Garteth Jones, text master. More on him soon including an interview i did with him!!!)

Her “Did not want to leave you”

(note: that’s all the ioi I need. I mean…. that’s it. i think fucking it let’s get filthy….)

I come in straight with:

“Just think: I could have been inside you right now…. While biting into your neck….Mmmm”

HB “you’re killing me”

Sasha “are you always this horny or are you on right now?” (I mean, on her period, in case you’re slow)

HB “around you I always would be”

HB “and you?”

S “up and down. Certainly up after meeting you and pondering how many ways I could make you cum. I fell asleep thinking about how you moan…”

HB “Loudly”

S “What do you like?”

HB “Guess”

S “my hands all over your body… u like dirty talk… a man who takes control…you like to be teased and your hair pulled. Perhaps my hand around your throat as I enter you…

Yes? Tell me what else”


HB “Yes yes to all… picturing you doing all of that to me made me so wet! I can also picture you surprising me, forcing me against the wall and taking me”


HB “ I like to be spanked ….give head….be kissed and bitten all over my body and I like it from behind the most. I think that’s plenty of info on me huh?”

12:25 AM

HB “Soooooo I sure hope you’re coming over later.”

12:31 AM

S “Mmm… I can feel all the blood rushing to my dick… Will you tease me and lick it gently, to drive me crazy before I push you down and take you from behind? God im so hard… you’re gonna love my dick so much…


HB “Yes I will tease you by licking it till you’re begging to have me ;)


S “Will you do exactly as you’re told… I like my dick sucked a very certain way.. But it would get me SO hard if you could do it the way I liked … I gotta run soon but I should be free around 7ish … are you near downtown?


hb “ Yes I’m good, I’ll do exactly as I’m told. I’m near downtown ye. I’ll be free around 11.

S “Alright then… see you tonight… shit I’m wet! “

Soooooo basically….. if a girl is up for it you can just go sexual right away. If she admits directly a)she wants to fuck or even B) she’s attracted to you (I.E – in this case she didn’t want to leave me) you can just go filthy RIGHT AWAY – because she is open to it. Don’t waste time building comfort if she’s up for it, and u just want to fuck. which i did.

That’s all I’m saying.

Oops gotta run!!


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