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Am I a PUA?

Site went down. I’m waiting for my dude to fix it, but here’s a blog entry to entertain you guys, even tho it will magically dissapear when he puts the backup back up! The internet is gay sometimes

Aug 1

Recently I’ve also been pondering if really I identify with the whole PUA culture anymore. I don’t feel like a PUA. First of all, there’s just too much weird creepy shit associated with PUA.

Ross Jeffries? Patterns? Manipulative NLP? Routines? Negs? Everyone dressing up like Mystery? Angery towards women? Needy/creepy dudes?

What the fuck? It’s weird. Let’s be honest here. Loads of it, is fucking weird.

Then again – totally changed my life … and most of my closest friends … some of the most amazing people now I’ve met through the community.

I’ve kind of been considering leaving behind my PUA identity. I just…. Don’t feel like a PUA. First off, the way I meet people isn’t an Art. It doesn’t feel like a pick up. Nah. Maybe for a while that’s what I was doing, but I the end I just figured out how to be OK with myself and have fun and attract the types of girls I like. I don’t pretend to be anyone else in any way. If anything I’m trying to be more like who I really am (my non jokey self) because that’s who I am behind the mask.

I’m considering re-branding my business to be, like a dating coach, not a PUA. That would probably mean not writing up LR’s anymore or any of that stuff. Personally, I don’t see the massive deal. Is it offensive, writing about my sexual exploits and what I’ve learned? Is it? I’m not like giving out names and addresses.

I suppose the question is, if people that know me found my site, would I feel ashamed? Would I want them to find it? I suppose not – but I wouldn’t be mortified.

i actually don’t care anymore i don’t think, about PU. who cares even if i get better? or have sex with 20 girls in a month? what does it mean? does it make me better than anyone or a better person? no. i already have what i wanted i can meet anyone i like, i’m not scared anymore. Not to approach, not to express my feelings. No more fear. So I’m there, I’ve arrived. Maybe all this is a waste of time at this point. I could be doing better things with my life than chasing girls just for the sake of chasing girls.  I think I’m just doing it to compensate for not having control over my love live from ages 12-26. And cuz it’s just fun.

But really – what am I doing? It’s not normal going out and just approachin every hot girl that happens to pass. It takes something out of you. Plus on some level I think I’m not “as good as I should be” because tons of girls flake on me still.

On the other hand – who am I kidding? I still love it. Haha. I love it!!! Running after girls, hitting on them, getting blown out and being a dick, doin the stupid stuff. ITS FUN! Seeking out the cool girls…. is a good time.

Plus I like experimenting and seeing what will get more results. I like figuring out this stuff.

It’s just too consuming of my energy.  I need to do lower energy game. Haha. This experiment I’ve started thanks to Marcus…. May be the solution. It’s going well so far. LOW ENERGY/boring. No jokes.  (well, less jokes)

Also: I’m going to stop getting girls numbers altogether. I can’t be fucked. I don’t have the time/patience/inclination to chase them up anymore. I only want to deal with the girls that are definitely up for it.

So here’s my game play for the next while – I’m going to stick to this too.


Hi. I know this is weird, but …… will you go on a date with me?

Yea it’s lame – that’s the point. I’m running shit low energy game on purpose.

After 30x interactions like this, I’m going to switch to:

“Hi. I know this is a bit random but….can I take you out for a drink sometime?

Then I’m going to switch to “Hi. You’re cute … can I take you out for a drink some time?

While doing this… I’ll chat to the girls some…. Then just give’em my card and say “yea drop me a line so I have your number and we’ll meet up!”

If they don’t call me – they don’t want to call me badly enough. Simple as. I’m not going to chase anymore…. At least for this expirment.

Am quite looking forward to it. Will be a fucking crazy 3 weeks…… if anyone’s gonna be at the fringe festival, pop me a line… I’ll be up there doing my show. You can come out, flyer with me and have some fun on the streets J


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