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Am I a PUA?

Site went down. I’m waiting for my dude to fix it, but here’s a blog entry to entertain you guys, even tho it will magically dissapear when he puts the backup back up! The internet is gay sometimes

Aug 1

Recently I’ve also been pondering if really I identify with the whole PUA culture anymore. I don’t feel like a PUA. First of all, there’s just too much weird creepy shit associated with PUA.

Ross Jeffries? Patterns? Manipulative NLP? Routines? Negs? Everyone dressing up like Mystery? Angery towards women? Needy/creepy dudes?

What the fuck? It’s weird. Let’s be honest here. Loads of it, is fucking weird.

Then again – totally changed my life … and most of my closest friends … some of the most amazing people now I’ve met through the community.

I’ve kind of been considering leaving behind my PUA identity. I just…. Don’t feel like a PUA. First off, the way I meet people isn’t an Art. It doesn’t feel like a pick up. Nah. Maybe for a while that’s what I was doing, but I the end I just figured out how to be OK with myself and have fun and attract the types of girls I like. I don’t pretend to be anyone else in any way. If anything I’m trying to be more like who I really am (my non jokey self) because that’s who I am behind the mask.

I’m considering re-branding my business to be, like a dating coach, not a PUA. That would probably mean not writing up LR’s anymore or any of that stuff. Personally, I don’t see the massive deal. Is it offensive, writing about my sexual exploits and what I’ve learned? Is it? I’m not like giving out names and addresses.

I suppose the question is, if people that know me found my site, would I feel ashamed? Would I want them to find it? I suppose not – but I wouldn’t be mortified.

i actually don’t care anymore i don’t think, about PU. who cares even if i get better? or have sex with 20 girls in a month? what does it mean? does it make me better than anyone or a better person? no. i already have what i wanted i can meet anyone i like, i’m not scared anymore. Not to approach, not to express my feelings. No more fear. So I’m there, I’ve arrived. Maybe all this is a waste of time at this point. I could be doing better things with my life than chasing girls just for the sake of chasing girls.  I think I’m just doing it to compensate for not having control over my love live from ages 12-26. And cuz it’s just fun.

But really – what am I doing? It’s not normal going out and just approachin every hot girl that happens to pass. It takes something out of you. Plus on some level I think I’m not “as good as I should be” because tons of girls flake on me still.

On the other hand – who am I kidding? I still love it. Haha. I love it!!! Running after girls, hitting on them, getting blown out and being a dick, doin the stupid stuff. ITS FUN! Seeking out the cool girls…. is a good time.

Plus I like experimenting and seeing what will get more results. I like figuring out this stuff.

It’s just too consuming of my energy.  I need to do lower energy game. Haha. This experiment I’ve started thanks to Marcus…. May be the solution. It’s going well so far. LOW ENERGY/boring. No jokes.  (well, less jokes)

Also: I’m going to stop getting girls numbers altogether. I can’t be fucked. I don’t have the time/patience/inclination to chase them up anymore. I only want to deal with the girls that are definitely up for it.

So here’s my game play for the next while – I’m going to stick to this too.


Hi. I know this is weird, but …… will you go on a date with me?

Yea it’s lame – that’s the point. I’m running shit low energy game on purpose.

After 30x interactions like this, I’m going to switch to:

“Hi. I know this is a bit random but….can I take you out for a drink sometime?

Then I’m going to switch to “Hi. You’re cute … can I take you out for a drink some time?

While doing this… I’ll chat to the girls some…. Then just give’em my card and say “yea drop me a line so I have your number and we’ll meet up!”

If they don’t call me – they don’t want to call me badly enough. Simple as. I’m not going to chase anymore…. At least for this expirment.

Am quite looking forward to it. Will be a fucking crazy 3 weeks…… if anyone’s gonna be at the fringe festival, pop me a line… I’ll be up there doing my show. You can come out, flyer with me and have some fun on the streets J


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  • anon says:

    I wouldn’t leave out a card at the end. That sounds sleazy and she’s going to think “how many girls has he passed this to?” You still gotta give her the chance to accept or reject you via body language, but if you hold it down and work it right, I think you can get results from this direct approach. Afterall, that’s all women want. A non-slutty (at least for her) man that isn’t afraid to be real with his feelings and approach. Good luck and enjoy the experiment.

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