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Alan Roger Currie on +The Direct Experiment goes overdrive

Recorded Alan Roger Currie interview for with Andy. Fucking AMAZING shiT! It’s up now:

Coming into town: 1st cutie, I ignored her as I was late. Then I felt bad for breaking my rule

Second cute – chinese girl in park. I come around and open. She gives me scared face and walks briskly away. Ah- first set of the day done. I feel relieved.

After that I had to hold off opening more, as I really was going to be late!

Just as I pulled up to daygame HQ- fucking super cutie walking by. Sigh.  Went in direct – she’s seeing someone – but got her Facebook just for social circle etc.

Do half the podcast, but Alan flakes! Go out to LSE to meet some russian girl invited me out to. She’s got a BF but we’re cool.  Never found her or her friends but had a good time just the same. Went direct on a couple of girls, who were shocked. Shocked, yet they kept talking to me. Fantastic. More direct than I’ve been before, but still not that direct. This shit takes time!  I think I said something like

“Do I know you?”

Girl “No”

“Well, I’m Sasha – and you’re hot as fuck. When are we hooking up?”

Or some shit. we chatted for a while, but I got into kinda small talk after. I guess you need a bit of it… as long as they know what you’re after maybe it’s ok… but I can’t stand the dumbass small talk that’s pointless anymore. Im’ happy that I’m breaking free of it.

I had to record Alan’s bit at 1am, so getting laid wasn’t really on the agenda. I just wanted to really be up front. Most of the really hot girls were chatting to large groups of men and I couldn’t be fucked a)going direct in front of the dudes or 2)running indirect game throught the dudes – so I just kept looking around for single sets. Eventually I spoke to this cutie but couldn’t go direct. I met her thru other people I’d met and it was a group situation. So it was fairly normal, but then I shifted into mode one saying she was fine and asking how many BF’s she had ETC.  When I left I got her info and was like “We gonna hang out. I’m gonna hit on you for sure. You can say no, but I’m definitely going to hit on you”

She’d just gotten to London and had a BF, but they hadn’t said what was hapnning so it’s all in the air. She was very nice though.

Met some other nice/normal folk who may attend one of my gigs in future.

Today I decided to get in touch with some flakey girls in my phone and just do some direct shit. why the fuck not?

One girl I got on the phone. This girl I’d picked up on oxford street who was keen – went on 2 dates and she literally dissapeared. I texted her “boo!” and she texted asking who it was. I called her, no answer, and she called back. Turns out she didn’t want to see me cuz I told her she wasn’t a good kisser. She wasn’t. anyways: I told her that’s retarded and she said she didn’t want me to be her BF or some shit. I said, and I quote

“Listen, I didn’t want any of that shit. I just wanted to fuck you”

She was like “you just wanted to fuck me?”

I said “Yeah.  You’re hot. It would be great. I just wanna fuck you”

She said “hmm well….. maybe….”

I said “no pressure – you got my number again so…. I’ll be here if you need me”

She’s like “yea ok… that’s cool”

And that was that.

Another girl: started texting her “I think we’ve built up enough sexual tension- when are we hooking up?” … she said I  missed out and she was spoken for now. Ah well. Was going to put the fuck offer in there but… inviting out to a gig would be better plan. Left it.

Next girl: “Jesus I had a dream about u last night. It was AMAZING!!! You are one kinky bitch!”

No reply, lol. But I’m gonna get real fucking direct on her when she does. Hehe.

I’m going to start sending dirty ass texts to every girl in my phone, wheeeeee.

I did this nice 6 set outside too, was smoothe. The ones I liked all had BF’s… ah well.

OH yeah, I called the hot Chinese girl from yesterday. She picked up!! Shocking! Lol… had a nice chat. I was just normally cheecky etc. I was just my normal fun style when I met her, so mode 1 would be incongruent.  It was good chat…. She gonna grab a pal or two and we’re all going to link up on the weekend.

Funny when I got off the phone I just thought “All game is bullshit. You just have to meet someone that likes you and not be weird”

And it’s true. She’s single, and she likes me, and that’s all there is to it.

Sometimes things really are simple.

I think what I’m going to get from all my Alan/Dave exposure is that you just that “mode one” is different for everyone, but it just means going for what you want. You don’t actually have to be direct as long as you’re saying/going for what you want. That’s mode one. Calling a girl till you get her on the phone to ask her out, that’s mode one. You’re going for it.

So you don’t have to say filthy shit… as long as you’re like “listen, I like you – I want to get to know you – when are we hanging out?” is mode one – if you want to hang out to get to know her. But if you want to just fuck – then you’re not being mode one. Then you’re mode 2. makes sense?

Just my thoughts.

That being said, I want to try and be really fucking direct and see what happens. Alan explained something yesterday that really changed my whole take on all this. He explained there’s “x rated compliments” and “action orientated” x rated comments. He says he liked to use “action oriented compliments” …. Like instead of “you have a great ass” … “You have a great ass… I can see myself bending you over and fucking you doggie style”

Anything where you’re actually telling them what you want. I’m not ready for THAT level but…. Maybe one day.

The direct experiment has begun…. properly this time. OH yeah……


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