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The most complete and immersive online course for the direct dating approach

What I want to do for you here, is not try and ‘hard sell’ you anything. You’re smarter than that. (And, quite frankly, if we need to go around convincing guys it’s right for them, then they’re probably not committed enough to make a change in their life... And that wouldn’t make them right for this program anyway!)

So, I’ll simply go through exactly how this revolutionary training program I created is going to work, so that you can make up your own mind and come to the decision that's best for you. No bullshit, no hype.

How It Works


The program is divided up into three key elements that are designed to synergistically work together to produce maximum results and maximum change for you:

Element One: 12 Modules of In-Depth Training

These are delivered as online webinars over 8 weeks. The modules are the exact same material I have been developing, honing and teaching for a decade on my in-field immersion courses. You can click an interactive breakdown of all the content you’ll get in each of the 12 modules further down the page, so you can see of it for yourself and decide if it's right for you.

Element Two: Homework Missions

Just like the homework you were assigned at school and University it's not optional but compulsory. Over the years, we've found that the transformational change we produce in our students comes down to a key balance between mindsets, theory, technique, and real world experience and action. Without all of these components–especially the action part–I wouldn't feel congruent offering this program.

That means that you will be given the exact exercises to go implement and if you don't do them I'll kick you off the program. No seriously! I'm so committed to making sure that only the most serious action-takers enroll that I would rather hand you back your money if you're not doing the work then allow guys to pay, do nothing and then complain they didn't get the results.

Element Three: Private Discussion Community

This is how we're going to keep track of whether you're doing your homework. And it's also a way to ensure that, just like school and University, the program is a social experience for you where you can connect with like-minded guys all around the world, share your successes, support each other, and help analyse and get feedback if you're struggling.

Complete Module Breakdown

(Click a module to expand)

[+] Module 1: The Direct Mindset for Success +
  • The exact approach anxiety-annihilating exercises Sasha developed over the last 10 years and we teach on our in-field courses, shown to you on video.
  • A powerful mindset that allows you to be totally socially free, and is then proven true by the experiences you have when you do the AA exercises. (This is the most effective form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, scientifically shown to radically shift beliefs quickly and easily).
  • What women really want, what they’re actually attracted to, and the 3 simple things you must do to create attraction (hint: NO confidence required!)
[+] Module 2: The AAA+ Street Stop +
  • The most effective way to stop a moving girl or even groups of girls ever developed (and proven by 10+ years of in-field testing)
  • Even if she’s walking super fast, with her headphones on, on the phone, and looks super bitchy!
  • The specific technique shown to you step-by-step on video
[+] Module 3: The Five-Step Opener +
  • Exactly how to express your true feelings to her, without ever coming off creepy or ‘over-the-top’
  • Display the most important attractive qualities to her within 10 seconds, even if you have zero confidence and are stumbling over your words (it actually can work better if you do fumble through it instead of doing it perfectly!)
  • How to build tension and create a huge feeling of emotion in her...right from the start!
[+] Module 4: Smooth Transition Techniques +
  • Make sure you never make the ‘diabolical duo’ two mistakes that instantly destroy connection and attraction in her
  • How to flip the conversation from boring ‘interview mode’ to effortlessly opening up
  • The subtle ‘inception’ mind-trick that gets her worrying about what you think of her, and qualifying herself almost instantly!
[+] Module 5: Effortless Connection +
  • The 1-2-3-step ‘idiot-proof’ steps to follow that create a natural conversation within 1-3 minutes...even if you “can’t think of what to say next” or have nothing in common
  • How to move from the ‘logical and mundane’ to the deep & emotional, so she feels totally comfortable telling you all about herself, and walks away thinking “wow, THAT guy was so different!”
  • The conversational technique the world’s most charismatic ‘natural conversationalists’, professional comedians and hypnosis experts all use to create the feeling that “we never run out of things to say to each other”...without needing to use any weird NLP tricks or anything manipulative or creepy!
[+] Module 6: Qualify & Appreciate +
  • The simple ‘see-saw’ you need to shift, which flips the script and has her justifying, explaining and qualifying herself to you (what you look like, how much money you have, etc has NOTHING to do with it – any guy can do this!)
  • How to show you’re one of ‘those guys’ who’s experienced with women and has high standards (...even if you’ve literally never had sex!)
  • The 3-step pattern to give her a sincere compliment about what she values (hint: it’s NOT her looks – if you overcompliment on that, you’ll destroy attraction quickly)

Modules 1-7 Core Daygame Skills

A complete roadmap from being in the right state, to how to stop her, what to say to start the conversation, all the through to making a deep connection, finding out about her, and getting her number in the most effective way.

Modules 8-10 Taking Things Further

Once you get the number, you need to know how to build the connection, without being too available or needy. You get a simple step-by-step "no effort" system to text her and set up a first date. Plus, what to do on dates all the way through to the bedroom!

Modules 11-12 Advanced Relationships

How to create a life of total abundance with women – from building the right investment dynamics to handling multiple women using ethical non-monogamy!

[+] Module 7: The One-Sentence 'Trigger-Pull' +
  • We hand you an easy-to-follow roadmap so you can always get her contact details without hesitation or anxiety about “what if she says no?”
  • How to make sure she eagerly says “yes!” to giving you her number
  • What to do before getting the number to massively reduce flakes, and have your first date pretty much guaranteed!
[+] Module 8: The Three-Word First Text +
  • Can you imagine typing just 3 words, and creating an instant positive emotional feeling in her as soon as she sees it?
  • How easy would texting be if your very first message to her created an impression of you as playful, cocky, confident and experienced with women?
  • Plus – the ‘cut and paste’ 3-message pattern you can use to set up your first date...without having to spend hours chatting back-and-forth, trying to convince or persuade her to see you, or play any annoying games!
[+] Module 9: First Date Escalation +
  • How to make sure she shows up, on time, and excited to see you
  • Discover how to take her on an emotional rollercoaster, right from “hello,” all the way to your first kiss...all the way back to your place!
  • How to lead the conversation (and physically) to ensure you never end up in the dreaded ‘friendzone’, and how to stop worrying about any kind of rejection forever!
[+] Module 10: Mind-Blowing Sex Technique +
  • 2 exercises you can do in around 10 minutes per week that will make you last longer and harder than any guy she’s ever been with
  • The liberating mindsets you can adopt and give her, so she feels totally free to express her inner kinky slut to you (warning: failure to do these correctly, and you’re very likely to make her shut her legs and make you beg for sex...and not before the 5th date!)
  • How to make her orgasm as many times as you like, with her body and her mind, so she becomes uncontrollably addicted to sex with you (even if you’re currently very sexually inexperienced)
[+] Module 11: Relationship Management +
  • How to build in a 50-50 equal dynamic in your relationship right from the start, so you never end up feeling taken advantage of, disrespected, or ever ‘henpecked’
  • Create a feeling of total abundance and choice, so you freely decide which women you want to continue to have relationships with, and based on your set of rules, not hers.
  • The right ways to imprint positive memories in her very early on, so it feels like you’ve known each other forever and she feels like you ‘get’ her, more than any other man she’s ever been with!
[+] Module 12: Polyamory & Abundance +
  • The core principles behind what polyamory is (and isn’t) so you can make the right choice about whether you definitely want monogamy or not, coming from a place of freedom instead scarcity and fear
  • How to introduce polyamory to each new girlfriend in a way she can’t wait to say yes to, because it makes her feel liberated when she's with you (unlike all the other controlling, jealous jerks they’ve dated before!)
  • How to come to terms with and confront emotions like jealousy in a mature way, that enables you to grow as a man, and enables you to build a harem of amazing women who love you for you!

Full Course Overview

Here's a breakdown of the core components of the course...

  • 12 Modules of Sasha's complete Direct Daygame System – the complete content only previously revealed on $15,000+ in-field Immersion programs!
  • Delivered over 8 weeks of online seminars
  • Homework to ensure you implement all the material in-field
  • Access to the private online community of your fellow students for support, guidance and feedback
  • PLUS: More special bonuses revealed below...

The webinars were very enjoyable, supportive of the relevant material of the module for the week; were inspiring as well as motivational for us to do it ourselves; and brought live energy to the course.

It was a worthwhile course with a lot of good concepts, practical experience, and genuine concern offered by the instructors. And, it was very much appreciated.

Carl V

These webinars have given me a basis to practise and improve my social skills and dating life. I am now more outgoing, friendlier and have gained to live against fear and come from a place of love. Thank you Sasha and Ryan and the guests you've had on this course. You've given me a foundation to start from and I will use this to build myself further and lead a more fulfilled life.

Tony G
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Special Announcement: THREE Additional Bonuses!

To make the program as comprehensive as possible, when you sign up your members area will come preloaded with the following bonus products...

The Amsterdam Seminar ($200 retail)

One of our first products ever released, and still one of the best! Sasha filmed almost 3 hours from an Immersion program he taught in Amsterdam back in 2011. This core theory and mindsets seminar has sold for $200 on the site for years, and was required pre-course material for all of our live training programs because of how powerfully effective it is at getting guys into the best possible state before doing the infield training. Once again, it’s free today and you’ll find the entire seminar waiting for you inside your members area as soon as you join the Online Immersion Program.

Sasha’s Unbreakable Rules ($197 retail)

This $197 video course with companion PDF was designed after Sasha realised guys needed homework missions to implement after they completed his infield trainings. So he came up with a series of mindsets, rules and principles that would ensure students who now had the toolbox of skills they needed to approach actually implemented those skills everyday. The unbreakable rules is now a key element given to all our live training graduates and so you get it too, as soon as you enrol.

The Stuttgart Talk ($50 retail)

One of Sasha's most inspirational viral YouTube videos was an emotional rant about the five regrets of the dying entitled “Are you living your life?” Just those 5 minutes alone has continued to transform guys’ lives, and to this day we receive emails thanking Sasha for making this video because it finally gave them the motivation they needed to take control of their life and do what they’d been held back from for years by fear. The Stuttgart Talk is the entire 45 minute audio of the talk that short video was taken from. Imagine the kind of motivation you’d have if you were able to listen to that entire thing! This is one of our top sellers at $50 retail but you get it free and download it to your iPod and be listening to it within a few minutes of signing up today!

Total Course Value

So here's everything you get when you enrol today...


  • 8 weeks of material we only reveal during in-field Immersion courses
  • Private online coaching group
  • Bonus 1: Amsterdam Seminar
  • Bonus 2: Unbreakable Rules
  • Bonus 3: The Stuttgart Talk

GRAND TOTAL ..........................................................

But today you’re not going to pay anything close to $15,544

And I won't even charge you half $7772

Today, because I want as many guys as possible to be able to take advantage of this program

...Your investment today is one payment of just $15,544 $2,999!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhen does the course start?

    Immediately! Access to the online members area will be emailed to you shortly after you complete your payment. You will then unlock the remaining modules every 7 days after that.

  • q-iconWhere can I find the course materials?

    All seminars and course materials are located in your members’ area, so everything is in one easy-to-find location! We also email you weekly with links to the content and your login information.

  • q-iconWhat if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

    A lot of online products have 30 or 60-day money-back guarantees. However, this is more like one of our in-field Immersions or a University course. This is a commitment to doing this training all the way to the end. You can’t quit a 3-year University degree half way through and then ask for your money back! In the same way, we won’t be offering some kind of “try it and see” refund policy. We only want you if you’re serious about making a massive change in your dating life. This course requires dedication to see results, so if you’re not 100% committed, then this probably isn’t right for you.

  • q-iconDo I have to travel somewhere? Is there an in-field with Sasha?

    This course contains all the material, mindsets and theory we teach on our 7+ day Immersion programs. But, the entire course will be taught online. You can watch from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer or internet-enabled smartphone / tablet, and a decent internet connection! We have demonstrated many of the techniques ourselves by going in-field and shooting a video, so you’ll have everything you need to go out and implement the material. But it is up to you to be committed enough to set aside the time to practice. If you’re not willing to go outside and actually do anything, then don’t sign up!