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A week in Vegas with team Soporno!

So, that just about wraps up a week in Vegas with Johnny Soporno and friends. It was fun! I was already very familiar with Johnny’s teachings. For me, this was great because I got to hang around and shoot the shit with Johnny and my other buddies – Online game expert Bravo, Text game whiz-kid Gareth Jones, and escalation from the whore Manwhore. hehe.

Anywho: Some cool stuff I learned was:

A) How important it is to get the blood flowing via tantric massage before moving on to sexy times with women… as well as some white tiger tantric fingering moves (from Steve P) … who is a LOUD son of a bitch!

B) How to tie girls up and spank’em, and choke up – from John L.

c) How to have killer online profile, and strategy to maximize online results (from Bravo)

d) How to physically escalate like a motherfucker from Manwhore (more on this later)

e) How to get all the money from the shitty ass poker players (Well, I knew that one already) :P

So, was a great week… I wish I had more time to get to know everyone but was busy with my own stuff too…. !

If anyone wants to really re-program their brain and their paradigm for the better, I’d suggest looking into Johnny’s stuff whenever you get the chance!

If anyone is sad they missed his program, Mr. Soporno will be appearing at 2012 DIrect Dating Summit in Las vegas (which is on March 17-18 and will be officially announced in a couple of days!)


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