A Funny Story About Communication

A Funny Story About Communication

Ever had a moment where there was something you really wanted to say (or should have said!)… but you never did. And then it bit you in the ass?


I filmed a short, yet funny story in a video about that….. You might like it.


It kind of shows you how sometimes saying nothing (and keeping your thoughts to yourself) can be very detrimental to a relationship.

And… I got this learning from a light switch.
Yes…. a f’in light switch.




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  • Zachary says:


  • ravi says:

    Quite right. Einstein said simplicity is highest form of intelliegence. A simple, honest, open talk could save hell lot of our problems if we can just say whats going on. we didn’t talk and our lizard brain came up with all the complex reason behind why this is happening, i’m right and other person is wrong etc.etc.
    All the problems have simple solution.
    Where is acapulco, btw ;)

  • Fran says:

    Nice stache :p

  • Jose says:

    Go to Mexico City too :)!!

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