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A complete Tantric Sex experience

So I was in this organic food shop in Sydney, and I chatted up this girl working there. She was fun, I could tell right away. She mentioned she was studying yoga/tantric and shit. I was like “yeah I’m into that too!”

Now, she said something like “yeah, all guys say that”

I said “Uhh, I don’t think all guys have been practising sperm retention since they were 21, and flexing their dick when they pee to build their stamina”

And she was like “oh, you really ARE into it” …

I said “Yes, we should practise together sometime!”

She said “Ha! That’s how we proposition each other in the temple!”

…. Anyways I got her number and the rest was history. One tea over around an hour and off to her place.

Note: Even though it’s on and I know it’s one I noticed she wasn’t 100% comfortable with too much escalation, she didn’t want to fool around in front of other people. Social calibration= realizing this and just not pushing it.

Anyways here’s where it gets interesting.

We didn’t just fuck at hers, we had a whole freakin’ ceremony. Here’s the thing: She’s SERIOUSLY into the tantric practise. But not the western misunderstanding where “tantric” means sex. Tantric is actually a branch of deep spiritual discover. It’s about meditation, mantra, hard work – and sex is a part of it.

So when we got to her place … first thing we did was meditation. But it was this cool ass sound meditation. We listened to these tracks that was amazing…. And it was WAS easier to meditate than normally. I mean I’ve never really been able to do it… but it’s like focusing on the music just relaxed my mind – it gave it something to focus on so it just shut up. I’ve never done this before this easily…. It was sweeeet. I was actually sinking into a deep meditation when we stopped… I wanted to do more!

Anyways after this we did gazing. This is where we sit holding hands (we held hands during meditation also) and we just stare into teach others eyes. I didn’t take my eye off her left eye. But… (this will sound crazy) but her face was changing. Like, outside of her one eye, the rest of her face looked like a totally different woman. She was like – almost made of stone, very beautiful with long grey hair. It just kept morphine – and when I blinked sometimes I saw the other woman more clearly. Apparently – this is one of her past lives or some shit? I don’t know I’ve not studying this but I know what I saw and it was some crazy fucking shit.

After THAT – we got down to “lovemaking” as she called it. Funny, when we were at it she wanted to get fucked. But beforehand it was “lovemaking”

Anyways – It was a pretty good sex romp. Massages, oral, hands, sex…. The lot. She had one of them crying orgasms… she told me she always cries when she orgasms…. What a release! I think I’d be more relaxed if I did that too haha.

After that – one more round of meditation and that was that.

After, she kicked me out pretty swift. (ouch! Now I know what it feels like … if there’s any ladies out there reading this) … lol

Anyways – fucking awesome night and certainly worth blogging about. These are the types of experiences I’d like to have more often. More on that later…

Stay tuned! ;)


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