1 Tip For A Great First Date

…How to Start it off with a Bang! First off, if you’re reading this, then congratulations are in order! You must have been out, pushing past your fears, approaching hotties and you’ve gotten at least one number! I remember in my “indirect days,” I used to get a number or two occasionally, but I’d very rarely call, text, or follow up at all. Why? Because I was so damn scared of screwing up, having an awkward date, or being rejected, then I just protected my little ego and pussied out! Super lame. Hopefully this one simple idea will inspire you to set that first date up, and give her a unique experience that she’ll never forget. So, what’s the big secret here? No, it’s not some NLP trick to hypnotise her into getting naked (sorry to disappoint), instead it’s just a simple mindset that helps make that crucial first few minutes of a date totally unique.

All you gotta do is: Act like you’re old lovers reunited!

I know what you’re thinking. “Hold on a sec, but I only just met this chick! How can I pretend like we already know each other, and what the hell is the point of doing that anyway?” Bear with me here. See, a little psychological trick you can apply in tons of situations is the fact that, when you act as if something is the case, the vast majority of people will follow your lead. For example, as Sasha has explained before, if you act like you’re a beggar or taking value, people will assume you are and will avoid you.

Conversely, if you act like you own the nightclub you’re in – go around introducing yourself and asking how people’s night is going, shake hands with the manager and get served at the bar instantly, then people will assume you are, or at least that you’re a person of influence. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this awesome video:

Pretty cool huh? But you don’t need a fake entourage, camera crew or crowds of gullible Americans to pull this off! You just need that potent mix of fun, playfulness and cheekiness that we at Sasha Daygame love.

So, first off, as soon as you see her, you want to beam a radiant smile (remember, it’s like you were together, but haven’t seen each other for years – how would you feel, how would you express that?), open your arms wide as you walk towards her, and give her a big hug and a kiss on either cheek (slow down as you pass from cheek to cheek, giving yourself a nice amount of sexual eye contact).

Now, this may seem simple but it has a HUGE impact – and most guys don’t do it! Don’t let go after your hug and two kisses. Instead, pick her up and spin her around. This is a such a sweet tactic because, like our Direct Opener, it communicates multiple attractive traits all at the same time. It displays

  • confidence,
  • dominance,
  • leading,
  • playfulness,
  • fun,
  • spontaneity, and
  • it is quite sexual without being too forward.

Pretty good for just one 10-second move huh?
What you’ve done already in the space of the first minute of meeting her, is immediately break her out of the idea that this is going to be another run-of-the-mill, awkward date where you sit across from each other, not touching, having banal small talk about how many siblings you have. Instead, because you have subcommunicated so many attractive traits, she is now using her imagination to paint an amazing picture of the confident, romantic man you must be, and how awesome this experience is going to be.

One of the core concepts we teach on all our programmes is the importance of beginning your interaction with an emotional spike. Well, by following this simple technique, you’ve created an incredibly romantic moment, her heart is pounding, her adrenaline is flowing, and she’s already excited to go on an amazing adventure with you! – Ryan Black Lead UK Instructor

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