The #1 Strategy to Reduce Rejection in Pickup | Sasha Daygame Breakdown | After Cold Approach


Today’s video addresses an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT concept that Sasha has been talking about FOR YEARS…


Yet despite it’s importance, EVEN BOOTCAMP GRADUATES still forget this point and end up getting FRUSTRATED with the REJECTION RATE they see out on the streets.


Well this is because cold approach – while EXTREMELY FUN and potentially addicting if done well – is NOT where you should be spending all your time trying to meet women!


No, no, no!


In fact, there are MUCH BETTER environments for meeting women. Environments that are much more conducive to your daily life.


Environments where a man trained in cold approach can TOTALLY TAKE CONTROL and BEAT ALL THE OTHER GUYS to the hot ladies with very little effort…


Street approaches are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to places to meet women.


They’re a good place to practice… To sharpen our skills in the face of adversity… To develop our grit and social freedom… But that’s not what you’re supposed to keep doing FOREVER!


Eventually you will reach a point of diminishing returns. That’s when we need to adjust our strategy and begin aligning our approaches with our normal, everyday life.


If you’re one of those guys that has been trying cold approach out on the street and you wonder why you keep experiencing REJECTION AFTER REJECTION then watch today’s video for an explanation of the reasons WHY and WHAT TO DO about it!


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