The Secret to Seduction: Slow down the gabber!

Fast Talkers: You ever meet these guys?


Just blablabla blablabla blablablabl ablabla !!!


WTF are they talking about?? And what’s the rush?


Believe it or not, I was one of those guys!


I’m excited about life. I have a lot to say…. I think fast, so I talk fast.


I’ve seen guys who do this eve more if there is hot girl around…. WTF – it’s like shooting yourself in the foot!


And it seems the hotter the girl, the faster they talk! ACK!!


Anyways, it’s not HORRIBLE – it’s just not seductive.


It just shows that you’re eager and inexperienced.


Women will just perceive you as they do an excited little puppy.


Real cute, but they’re not going to fuck it. (Unless they’re REALLLY kinky…hahaha)


So, I just made a video talking about this principle, and sharing a simple exercise you can use to SLOW DOWN!!!


And be aware – if you think this doesn’t apply to you, it probably does.


And if you think it only applies to you “a tiny bit” it probably does a lot more thank you think.


Record yourself talking and play it back – you may be surprised.


This is just one of the things we work on our intense training programs.


Hopefully see some of ya’ll on there ;)





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  • After the Opener – The Project Chicago Lair says:

    […] slowly. I can’t do better than this post and video by Sasha PUA about how guys shoot themselves in the foot by talking too fast. It’s a natural reaction when […]

  • The Project Chicago Lair says:

    Haha… Hilarious. Not sure I’m going to try the Serbian guy exercise, but definitely the rest.

    I’ve seen TONS of newbies talking too quickly and killing attraction immediately. I’ve also noticed in myself the difference it makes to talk slow.

    Not too long ago, I was having to deal with a guy trying to game the same girl as me. All three of us were hanging out. He was really nervous and kept talking fast and moving with weird mannerisms and such. I just consciously made it a point to relax my body… slow my speech the fuck down… and eventually, when it was “my turn” to talk in the conversation, so to speak, I just shut the fuck up entirely and stayed absolutely still. The dude just excused himself, the girl told him how to get home, and the rest, as they say, was history.

    Also, I thought your video did a great job illustrating how your voice sounds sexier when you slow it down too. It’s great to actually see / hear it in action.

    –The Project Chicago Lair

  • Ian says:

    man, you are totally insane, in positive way, always some videos from serbia, wtf, neber saw you on streets of bg, great vid

  • Jack Black says:

    Love your exercise! Will try it out. Take a deeep breath, bro.

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