Sasha Daygame in phone number for sex

Get her phone number for SEX!

Now, I wanted to share this thing I just came up with. We all get
flakes, right?

We all HATE flakey numbers.

Once of the reasons women flake is that when a guy gets a girl’s
number, it’s kind of ambiguous. Sure, maybe you said she was “Cute”
but so what? Maybe she just likes pleasant conversation or a new
text buddy. Women LOVE to talk, and text, and have friends…

Well FUCK THAT. We’re here to get laid, and make sexual connections
with women. Long-term, short term- hey marry one if you want. But
we’re here for SEX.

So try this experiment with me for a week:

Every number you get this week…. you MUST make it clear you’re
exchanging numbers for SEX.

You must use this EXACT qualification phrase before getting her number:

“Hey, if you had to guess – would you say we’d have good sex?”

IF she says “yes” or “probably” … or somehow agrees that you
would have good sex, then you exchange numbers.


“Cool, what’s your number I’ll give you a call, and we’ll hang meet

Unless the girl says YES – you do NOT give your number out or take

Explain to her “Oh, I only exchange numbers with girls that feel the same sexual chemistry with me that I do with them….”

you must HOLD your frame no matter what. There’s no backing down,
or changing your mind…

and there’s NO EXCEPTIONS!

Try it for a week. Either she thinks you’ll have good sex, or not.
If not – move on to the next girl.

You’ll get less phone numbers – but they’ll be from girls who are –
at the very least – open to the possibility of sex.

TRY IT – I’ll be doing this all week, so we’ll see what happens ;)


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Posted by venkat
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Dude - no sex for 17 years?? You definitely need some help. Get yourself one of our solution sessions. It will change your life. Seriously.
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Just want to have sex around Hinckley
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Where do I get her number?
Posted by melvin sanders
I,ve been lonely for 18 years looking for a friend to provide truth ,hoesty ,and love.
Posted by melvin sanders
I,ve been employed for 8 years without sexual contact for17.
Posted by fgagf
I love u
Posted by Admin
Yeah I can't wait for that....
Posted by kevin knox
Hey sasha so hit me up when ever you got a chance ok so we can have fun to gether ok
Posted by jonesy
yes you fun long hot and juciy then hit me up.
Posted by jonesy
Posted by Mike
Enjoy spending time with my women in the bedroom and watching movies
Posted by Mike
I really enjoy talking watching movies cudling and having lots of sex with a women
Posted by Hornysam
Hey girls...hmu
Posted by Admin
Don't we all? ;)
Posted by raja
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Posted by Admin
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Posted by siva
I sex with girl plz give me girl phone number
Posted by dan
i would love to have sex with a sexy girl
Posted by noel
I want girls to call me or texi
Posted by Hot
I LOVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Socialkenny
Lmao I had to laugh at how ingenious the line is. It's a great way of testing as you said Sasha,to see if the girl is down or what. And guys need to realize that even if the target doesn't agree and say,"we'd have perfect sex",it doesn't mean is game over. But this is a great anti-flake routine in a sense.
Posted by sasha
HEy bossman - aawwwweeesooomeee - just what I like to hear!! You have an unfrair advantage tho fucker, you've taken my bootcamp!! ;)
Posted by Astroboy
I can confirm that this works online :D 3 message rule though, framework is basically start off using light innuendo's on the first message then escalate a little over each message, becoming a little more explicit, the key is to gauge the interaction and read more into the structure and how comfortable she is with what you are saying rather than to say the right thing everytime. I believe you can say anything to pick up girls if you deliver it right, I have opened using dead baby jokes before and gotten laid. Remember, you can go from innuendo / sexually funny to directly sexual but NEVER from funny or innuendo's to directly sexual, you WILL redzone and loose the flow, but a side not is to be indifferent, who gives a fuck! Have fun! So far online + daygame I have used this in my direct game and have had about a 40% success rate that has lead to sex or sexual encounters. Got laid yesterday (30th) with a girl I just met online using this method, skyped her the day before at night and had her naked touching herself then the next day she came straight to my house and fucked me. This can and does get you laid when you are utterly indifferent about the interaction :) Much love! Astro
Posted by sasha
Hey man, Not sure haven't tried it online. I think it's still good direct flirting to ask that online, but not on the first message - after some rapport has been established. Try it and let us know ;)
Posted by Mircea
Ok sasha i will try it but my question to you is : does it also count if i try this on online dating ? I do cold aproaches on the street, and from time to time i also try online dating. I took some numbers from girls like that but i never asked them something like this Do you think it will work ? Or because they can't see my body language they won't believe me or something else ?
Posted by Mihka
So I did do this tonight and with a great result. I stopped a chick on the dance floor, we danced, I escalated, etc. Took a break and brought her to a quite place and pulled out my phone and said I was getting her number. But then I looked at her and said "Wait... before I get your number, if you had to guess, do you think we'd be good in bed together?" Without hesitation she said "Yes!" So I texted her my normal first text, her name, my name + where we met, one additional sentence. It went: "HB, Mihka from the club. Food and sex next week!" After I got home from the club I got a text back at 2:45 AM. "Yeah sounds good ;)"
Posted by Jorge Diaz
Nice idea! I am going to try it out. It will later be named Direct Phone Game haha and Indirect Phone Game. You get to the point on what you are really calling for. Recently i have a lot of phone numbers but it's not getting anywhere, just texting and stuff like that but NO real results. Thanks and i am going to apply it Love to everyone!!!!
Posted by PacManiac
Nice one Sash - Good luck in my home country, I'm sure you'll do just crazy good while I just wish myself happy sexy time in your own home city.. I'll try this for sure, I usually skip the numbers and go for the same night action in clubs but if the logistics are whack this one seems golden. Maybe better suited for daytime but what the hell. Beeee-yatch! Thanks!
Posted by sasha
It's not to say you can't hook up with girls with hang-ups, u can. But for that you just have to get to know them and build trust etc. This is just a quick way of screening out which girls are into you enough for it to be worth your while!
Posted by Lex
that's the true sh!!!!t
Posted by Mihka
Good idea. I've gotten pretty slick at the simple "You're cute, let's hang out" directness and I've been out with some chicks that were clearly in to me... but I've hit a few walls where we hooked up but not all the way due to having to deal with their ex-BF hangups, body image hangups, etc. Each time I was frustrated with myself for not screening more for sexual liberation. I'll try this out and see how it goes!
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