Sasha Daygame in 1 approach 2 girls

1 Approach 2 girls, 1 un-born baby….

Okay, this one is just a bit of fun. Mainly just an excuse to get your attention and announce my WORLD TOUR DATES! hahaha. I’m so sneaky!! ;)

However, you can also learn how to approach 2 girls in a situation where both appear hot. You’ll notice I have good persistence (re-opened 3 times) and am having fun. Key ingredients to success, and discussed greatly in my 7 Secrets to Seduction tour.


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  • fito says:

    imresionante sasha, muy buen aproach, confianza 1000%

  • dexter morgan says:

    Ya, but you failed you did not get her number or get her to sit on your face.

  • dark_Angel says:

    I laughed my ass off and I nearly felt off the chair when you said your back hurts from the penis :)))))

  • Scott M says:

    man, you are so god damn funny! Great recommendation as well!

  • Javier says:

    But Sasha, what if in a two set, one girl is hot, and the other one it’s absolutely the opposite..? You just ignore the ugly one, o talk with both of them for a while and then move to the hot one..?

    Thanks man..!!

    • Admin says:

      Keep her in the convo a bit, NEVER IGNORE HER – but yes 90% attention on the girl you like ;)

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